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Jean Luc Ponty Paris Nov 75 flac16

Jean Luc Ponty- violin
Daryl Steurmer- guitar
Mark Wolf- keyboards
Tom Fowler- bass
Norm Fearrington- drums

Paris, France
November 1975 (exact date unknown)

audience recording (maybe 1st gen.?) > CD > CD extractor >
FLAC 6 > yours...

runtime: 77:34

1: tuning 2:06
2: upon the wings of music 15:31
3: bowing bowing 9:44
4: aurora (?) 16:22
5: band introductions 1:28
6: (?) question with no answer (?) 7:31
7: polyfolk dance 9:03
8: wandering on the milky way 5:39
9: fight for life 8:30
10: encore pre-song tuning 1:30 apparently missing a last song after?

I'm not real sure of these titles, only that all the songs are
from the (studio) albums Upon the Wings of Music and Aurora, as
performed in Paris.
this recording came to me on a cassette that sounded like it was
transferred on a deck with some dust on the head or something, but
this was a project to get in (close to) posting shape and it does sound
pretty decent now. there was NO WAY I was going to do a "new transfer"
on this one. it was one of my first real project remaster efforts that
I didn't screw up AND didn't get a glitched CD. ah the harmony of Ponty...
unfortunately there are some (not very loud) clicks, apparently from the
transfer to my cassette copy which has alot more of them than this does.
So I went in there and removed as many as I could before I couldn't stand
doing any more of it and had removed the worst of the clicks. it did not
sound like diginoise. the clicks were in the files before there was a
CD of this, the source of this post. They're not in all of it.
the original recording was a good one, and the concert was very nice.
Ponty of 75 and 76 is my favorite of his own (many) bands. I suspect
there may be a missing encore in here. This is apparently all I have,
it sounds like track 10 is a tuneup for an encore that's not there.
everything before that seems to be there and the drummer here is one
of the best. Have no fear of weak drumming, when Fearrington is here.
this is early on in Steurmer's Ponty days and some of the best I've heard
out of him. this is a great jazz fusion group. so great that it wouldn't
be much of a "jazz fusion" section on dime without something from 75-76
era Ponty. this music fits the category like a custom fitted glove.
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

get's really rather ripping!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Robin Trower - Guitar Bandit (1973)

1 - The Fool and Me
2 - Twice Removed From Yesterday
3 - Lady Love
4 - Daydream
5 - Day Of The Eagle
6 - I Can't Wait Much Longer
7 - Man Of The World
8 - Sinner's Song
9 - Little Bit Of Sympathy

Recorded for broadcast at the Record Plant Studios in Sausalito, California with a small audience.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Beatles - 1962 - Star Club (Purple Chick) FLAC

25 December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

101: Be-Bop A-Lula vocal: Fred Fascher
102: I Saw Her Standing There
103: Hallelujah I Love Her So - vocal: Horst Fascher
104: Red Hot - incomplete
105: Sheila
106: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey
107: Shimmy Like Kate
108: Reminiscing
109: Red Sails In The Sunset
110: Sweet Little Sixteen
111: Roll Over Beethoven
112: A Taste Of Honey
113: Ask Me Why
114: Long Tall Sally
115: Besame Mucho
116: I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
117: Twist And Shout
118: Mr. Moonlight
119: Falling In Love Again
120: I’m Talking About You
121: I Remember You

28 December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

201: Nothin’ Shakin’ (But The Leaves On The Trees)
202: I Saw Her Standing There
203: To Know Her Is To Love Her
204: Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
205: Till There Was You
206: Where Have You Been All My Life?
207: Lend Me Your Comb
208: Your Feet’s Too Big
209: I’m Talking About You
210: A Taste Of Honey
211: Matchbox
212: Little Queenie
213: Roll Over Beethoven

31 December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

214: Road Runner
215: Hippy Hippy Shake
216: A Taste Of Honey - fragment
217: Money - vocal: Bobby Thompson

Bonus tracks:
King Size Taylor and the Dominos and Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
31 December, 1962 Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

217: Sparkling Brown Eyes - vocal: Keith Hardie
218: Lovesick Blues - vocal: John Frankland
219: First Taste Of Love - vocal: Bobby Thompson
220: Dizzy Miss Lizzy - vocal: Kingsize Taylor
221: Hully Gully* - vocal: Cliff Bennett

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mahavishnu Orchestra - 1973-11-12 Hollywood Calfornia

Artist: Mahavishnu Orchestra
Date: 1973-11-12
Location: Hollywood, CA
Venue: The Roxy
Source: audience
Lineage: master cassette>wav(96/24)>wav(44.1/16)>flac
Transfer: master cassette>Revox B-215>Adobe Audtion 3.0 (96/24)
Taping Gear: unknown mics>unknown recorder
Taped By: D & D
Transferred By: weedwacker

D & D Archives Master Series Volume 25

Band Members:
John McLaughlin - guitar
Rick Laird - bass
Jerry Goodman - electric violin
Billy Cobham - drums
Jan Hammer - synthesizer

01. Intro
02. Meeting Of The Spirits ->
03. Trilogy
04. Sister Andrea pt1
05. Sister Andrea pt2
06. I Wonder ->
07. Awakening (inc. end cut)

Length: 91:17
JEMS is proud to be able to partner with and present some of the choice recordings in the D & D archives. Some of these recordings have been around for years but none of the master tapes or safety copies in some cases have ever been digitized until now. Dave and Donn taped many shows in and around the Seattle area in the 70's and also were contemporaries of some of the JEMS members. Volume 25 is one of Daves brother's master recordings of Mahavishnu Orchestra. Great show here and possibly an uncirculated performance prior to June 2011.

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if i come back,,,

now, i might come back on this one (for starters?) and if i do, i'm just gonna post stuff in whatever format...
could be flac, could be ogg, could be mp3...could be mp-fuck you if you don't like it!
whatever, i got some shit i wanna share, but if i come back and a damn single one of you bitches at me about the fuckin' format, or the bit rate or the blah blah blah, then what ever...DON'T GET IT THEN!!

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Concerning Dead Links and Re-ups....

many of the rapidshare links are going down, because i don't have an account with them anymore. if any of you would like me to re-up anything, just leave me a comment, and i'll try to get it to ASAP!

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Pink Floyd Rare Live Tracks 1969-1973 (3 CDs)

This is a 3 CD boxset, with complete artwork, and an 8-page booklet with full details for each track, which are summarized below :


1. Hollywood
2. Cymbaline
Music from the film More, recorded March 1969. Unreleased and different versions than the soundtrack album. Quality 8/10

3. Moonhead
London, BBC studio 1969. Unreleased track used in a TV documentary on the night of the first moonlanding. This track is basically a bass riff, which was years later recycled in the middle instrumental bridge of Money. Quality 7/10

4. The violence sequence
5. The amazing pudding
Live in Paris, France, theatre de Champs Elysees, 23 Jan 1970. Quality 9/10

6. Main theme from More
7. Sysyphus
8. The violence suite (Heart beat, pig meat / Quicksilver / Moonhead / violence sequence)
Live in Birmingham, 11 Feb 1970. Historical performance, these songs were almost never performed live. Quality 5/10


1. Astronomy domine
Live St Raphael USA, 17 Oct 1970. The shortest (6 min) version of this song ever performed in 1970. Quality 7/10

2. Introduction : the massed gadget of Auximenes and the knights of the teutonic order
3. The labyrinths of Auximenes
4. Grooving with a pict
5. Embryo
Live Hamburg, Germany 14 Nov. 1970. Labyrinths (often mistitled Corrosion on many bootlegs) is a different version of Moonhead. Grooving is a unique performance, and Embryo features an extra experimental jam. Quality 7/10

6. Allan's psychedelic breakfast
Live in Sheffield, England, 22 Dec. 1970. This track was performed live only 5 times in Floyd's history. Quality 7/10

7. Blues in the wind
Live in London, Hyde Park, 18 July 1970. Rare short blues played as an introduction to Embryo. Quality 5/10

8. Embryo
Live in New York, USA, 5 Nov. 1971. Very long (17 min) and unusual bluesy version, as opposed to the "psychedelic" (as I would call it) standard version. A complete reworking of the song. Quality 6/10


1. The labyrinths of Auximenes
Live in Gothenburg, Sweden, 11 Nov. 1970. Labyrinths is anther version of Moonhead. This performance was often mistitled "Librest Spacement Monitor" (!?). Quality 7/10

2. Embryo
Live in Cincinnati, USA, 20 Nov. 1971. This is the longest version of this song ever performed (27 min !). Maybe because of technical problem ? The extended jam features parts reminiscent of Echoes. Quality 7/10

3. Childhood's end
Live in Zurich, Switzerland, 9 Dec. 1972. This song was only played sporadically in 1972. Quality 7/10

4. Obscured by clouds
5. When you're in
Live in London, England, 19 May 1973. Rare track played only at some 1973 shows. Quality 6/10

6. Obscured by clouds
7. When you're in
Live in London, England, 5 Nov. 1973. These versions are very different to the above performance some months earlier. "Obscured" is played here very very slow, and "When You're in" is very short. Quality 6/10

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Syd Barrett - Psychedelic Freak Out

Psychedelic Freak Out (Godfather Records GR 483)

This release from Godfather draws a hard, dark line under the above quote, showcasing a mish mash of some of the best of Syd’s various demos & studio out takes. The main bulk of this release spans Syd’s solo releases with a dash of Pink Floyd on the side to exemplify his work within that group. Presumably lifted from the epic 17 Internet tree’d CD set “Have You Got It Yet” this makes a far more interesting listening experience than the bigger set. For anyone who wants to pick through the murky depths of his back catalogue with out trawling through various different takes, outfakes, Oopsed tracks or interviews then it’s a great way to start. The Godfather has created this CD chronologically too so we can hear how Syd’s sound evolved or devolved through out his short recording career.

1. Interstellar Overdrive ( Demo - October 31st 1965 ). I suppose, true to the date, this piece was recorded on Halloween at the Thompson Private Recording Studios for the short film “San Francisco” by filmmaker Anthony Stern And is certainly nightmarish compared to it’s commercial sister recording. Recorded much faster than the CV & without the plodding, meandering “Steptoe & Son” styled riff. A few elements remain throughout such as the meandering guitar riff that permeates the track. It should be noted that this track also lasts a few seconds shorter than the track that was released on the “Have You Got It Yet” internet treed CD.

2. See Emily Play ( May 21, 1967 - Acetate With Alternate Ending ). Not a great deal different from the CV to my ears. The alternate ending would seem to suggest that the sitars are abbreviated slightly on the acetate.

3. Scream Thy Last Scream ( August 7, 1967 - Malcolm Jones mix 1987 ). The unreleased follow up to ‘See Emily Play’ & one of two tracks ( Inc. Vegetable Man ) that were pulled from the 1988 rarities album “Opel”. Another rather disturbing track from the dark rooms of Barrett’s mind with Nick Mason’s vocal being aped by a high pitched gnomic voice ( Actually Barrett. ) Without the double track vocal then the track might have stood a very good chance of actually getting a release but i can only guess that the reason it was left off is because of the allusions to the voices that could have been a little too close to Syd’s madness for some tastes. Filled with mind skewering time changes, violent themes & rapidly surreal lyrics it’s on of the highlights from the unreleased cannon.

4. Vegetable Man ( October 1967 - Malcolm Jones mix 1987 ). This unreleased track is somewhat less fun to listen to. Written autobiographically from Barretts point of view it makes a point of being almost Spectoresque in filling each nook & cranny with oddball noises, sounds & various chattering, it’s a song that just doesn’t really want go anywhere or even if it did wouldn’t know what to do with itself when it got there. a pantomime in obscurity.

5. Vegetable Man ( 1967 Mix from Mason Interview ). Recorded from a reel to reel tape that Nick Mason brought with him to an interview with a nameless collage student in March 1969. The subsequent interview tape has gone missing in the interim but dubs had been made of the musical parts of the interview. Sounding very much like an off air radio recording ( this isn’t a quiet under the table recording ) the track sounds markedly different to it’s 1987 compatriot. This on has a little more move about it with a rampant, crazy guitar line wringing through it & with a powerful drum track administered throughout. We can also ( almost ) hear Mason’s views on the track as he runs through his interview

6. Silas Lang ( May 6, 1968 - Backing track ). Noted as being “Silas Lang, this is RM 1 from four track, take 1? by the recording engineer. This track starts out rather optimistic for a Barrett written track with a rather twee strummed guitar line but then turns in to an altogether darker guitar track utilizing, according to Roger Waters “a great plan…to expand the group, get in two geezers, some two freaks that he’d met someplace or other. One of them played banjo and the other played saxophone. We weren’t in to that at all and it was obvious the crunch had finally come”. Another of Syd’s ideas gone awry then but it also shows that Syd wasn’t always the doom & gloom merchant that some of his later Floyd recordings suggest but rather when he put his mind to it was capable of producing elegant & world wise tracks such as this one. It reminds me of some of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band’s tracks - particularly Topo D’ Bill’s “Witchi Tai To” or rather his cover of the Harpers Bizarre cover. It’s just a shame that the track was never actually finished but, seems to be reported as being a work out to the beginning of the track “Swan Lee” ( see track 9 )

7. Lanky - Part 2 ( May 14, 1968 ). Another tribal influenced track rather like “Silas Lang” ( above ). Sounding like an authentic, simple, track with an african hollow drum sound. It’s obviously a simple riff that Barrett was toying with but one that was never finished up. This track is also speculated to be known as Rhamadan as they were recorded in the same date. It’s pure speculation mind & without the Motorbike sounds Barrett wanted to add to it there’s really no way of knowing.

8. Golden Hair ( May 28, 1969 Instrumental - Gareth Cousins mix 1988 ). Starting ominously like one of Brian Wilson’s “SMiLE” tracks ( although it would be difficult to pinpoint who might be influencing who at this time .. ) one of Barrett’s most down beat & maudlin tracks but presented here as an instrumental. Not as effective without Syd’s lyrics but to which that might be missing the point. The instrumentation might work as just the trick for some & so will be appreciated. This was proposed for the “Crazy Diamond” release but left off for an earlier recorded version.

9. Swan Lee ( June 20, 1968 - Backing Track ). Taking the same route as “Silas Lang” a groove revolving around a mumbling, noodled bass part.

10. Clowns & Jugglers ( July 20, 1968, Take 1 - Alternate with with Studio chat ) “Octopus” in different sleeves. Not a great deal of difference from the Opal release but the “studio chat” referred to at the beginning is the studio announcement “This is ‘Clowns & Jugglers’ RS 1 from Take 1 on reel 69631?.

11. Love You ( April 11, 1969 ). The Syd from the old days. Free from the menace & doom of his later recordings & back to the seaside parade & whimsy of his earlier recordings. The track has a very Beatley type of jangle. This version is free of the out of tune bar room piano & is wildly underproduced compared to the CV.

12. Clowns & Jugglers ( May 3, 1969. Take 2 - Keyboard Mix ). Often there are very good reasons why one piece of an artists oeuvre remains unreleased or unrealised. This mix of the “Madcap Laughs” sessions track is truly the work of an over exaggerated mind. Powerfully over egged & messy the reason that this was released as a pared down & almost acoustic song in the end must be that it was thought to be too far our for public consumption. Thing of Captain Beefheart at his most fevered & wacked out & this mix comes perilously close.

13. Long Gone ( July 26, 1969. ) Sounding like an early, stripped back demo version rather than the augmented organ version found on the ‘Madcap .. ‘. A track thats very close to the Sound of Skip Spence on his “Oar” album.

14. Dark Globe ( July 27, 1969 - Choral Version. Peter Jenner 1974 Echo mix )

15. Dark Globe ( July 27, 1969 - Choral Version. Malcolm Jones 1987 Clean mix. ) Tracks 14 & 15 are two sides of the same coin. The ‘Choral’ tag refers to Syd’s delayed double tracked voice. The main two differences being that the 1987 version is somewhat tighter & wider than the 1974 version & less scummy to listen to. The second difference is that in the ‘74 Mix Barretts singing voice is heard quite clearly over the choir where as on the ‘87 mix the two voices are brought closer together in the mix the difference is not so obvious. The session log seems to omit the fact that there was a session on the 27th of July so we either have to assume that there was no session & the tapes are wrongly labled ( and the 26th of July was the actual last session ) or the 27th was when the mixes of this track were submitted.

16. Maisie ( February 26, 1970 - Alternate mix w/ extra vocals. ) Starts with a clip of studio chat ( sounds like “Put The Kettle on”? ) this version differs to the track on “Barrett” by adding additional spoken word vocals panned from center to left & right. Maybe Syd had influenced what Yoko Ono was about to be doing with her solo album as this track sounds ominously like one of the ‘Plastic Ono Band’ Sessions tracks but with a little of the Barrett magic on top.

17. Slow Boogie ( August 12, 1974. )

18. “John Lee Hooker Inspired” ( August 12, 1974 ) Tracks 17 - 18 are from the much fabled 1974 sessions when Peter Jenner managed to get Syd back in to the studio for a rough 4 days of ‘work’. Both of these tracks feature much less than the work we’d come to expect from Syd who’s mental state must have failed him so much by this time that to focus at all would have been a struggle. of the 8 pieces bootlegged from these sessions these two must have been chosen as ‘best’ although the rest of the material is fragmentary & untogether. Both titles allude as much to the sound contained therein - two blues inspired tracks that sound like Nick Drake’s legendary home tapes where he can be heard strumming away old blues classics although at least Nick had songs,. the riffs that Syd plows through must have, at the very least, been made up on the spot or half remembered from his own record collection. One can only assume that this was what Syd was listening to at home at the time for them to be at the forefront of his mind or they were just the easiest thing to play ..

19. In The Beechwoods ( 1967. Backing Track. ) Another track from the Mason interview tape that never was. “In The Beachwoods” has a very soulish if Floydian groove. Think Tamala Motown as realised by Syd Barrett. it sounds like a great track if only it had have been finished up & could have been another great commercial success for the group had Syd not taken the direction he did. The track, as mentioned, is taken from the interview tape so besides being played loud had a nasty, shrill clip to the top end & a clicky, strange flutter to the tape but this does nothing to desecrate the fact that it’s unreleased Floyd.

Bonus Track

20. Interstellar Overdrive ( Pink Floyd live supporting the Jeff Beck Group, Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles, CA, July 27, 1968. ) To top it all off a slightly distant audience recording of the Floyd in America supporting the Jeff Beck Band. Lunacy abound in this section with the middle section taking the form of a happening of sorts. By all accounts this was the form of the track at the time & fans of this era Floyd or students of underground forms will find something to listen to here.

All in all, this is an excellent Syd Barrett disc and a great addition to any Syd collection!

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Yardbirds - Unreleased BBC

01. Train Kept a-Rollin' #2
02. Mister You're a Better Man Than I #2 (live)
03. The Sun is Shining (excerpt)
04. Jeff's Boogie #1
05. My Baby #2
06. Smokestack Lightning (excerpt)
07. I'm Not Talking #1 (excerpt)
08. Five On Board
09. Hushabye
10. I'm a Man #2
11. Steeled Blues
12. Spoonful
13. I'm Not Talking #2
14. Louise
15. I've Been Trying
16. Dust My Blues (excerpt)
17. Shapes of Things #3 (live)
18. I've Been Wrong (excerpt)
19. Heart Full of Soul #2
20. Jeff's Boogie #2
21. I'm a Man #3 (live)
22. I Wish You Would #2
23. Love Me Like I Love You #2
24. The Stumble
25. Evil Hearted You #2 (live)
26. Mister You're a Better Man Than I #3
27. Rack My Mind (live)
28. Heart Full of Soul #3 (live)
29. Evil Hearted You #3
30. Questa Volta (San Remo)
31. Pafff... Bum (San Remo)
32. I Wish You Would (Paris)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stomu Yamashta's Go - Europe 1976

01 Ghost Machine 7.42m #
02 Surf Spin 6.33m #
03 Time Is Here 7.32m #
04 Winner-Loser 5.00m #
05 Crossing The Line 15.53m #
06 Make Up Your Mind And Go 9.57m [unreleased]

# from the Go album

Stomu Yamashta - percussion & synthesizer
Klaus Schulze - "space machine"
Al Di Meola - guitar
Steve Winwood - keyboards and vocals
Michael Shrieve - drums

Pat Thrall [?] - guitar
Jerome Rimson [?] - bass
Brother James - congas
Karen Freedman - backing vocals

Stomu Yamashta's Go
Europe 1976 [SEIDR 026]
Live at Royal Albert Hall [?], London, England, May 29, 1976.

A relic from the prog-rock years, Stomu Yamashta’s Go was quite a superstar band of its time in 1976. It had Steve Winwood, dragged out from hibernation following the collapse of Traffic, Michael Shrieve the drummer from Santana, Al DiMeola the hot guitarist from Chick Corea’s Return To Forever and the German electronic musician Klaus Schulze [Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Temple]. How on earth they all gathered to report to work under Japanese jazz-rocker Stomu Yamashta is probably buried under a mountain of mouldy UK music weeklies.

This concert, said to be recorded on May 29, 1976 at London’s Royal Albert Hall, was probably the first public performance of Go. Nobody is certain whether this date or venue is correct. This recording appeared in the late '80s/early '90s on a bootleg label Kiss Deluxe. They claimed the year as 1976 in Europe. Hardly helpful but the sound quality is exceptional and from the stereo soundboard.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Gothenburg - January 24, 1971:
Track 01. All Good People
Track 02. Astral Traveler
Track 03. Everydays

New Haven - July 24, 1971:
Track 04. Yours Is No Disgrace
Track 05. All Good People
Track 06. Clap/Classical Gas
Track 07. Perpetual Change

Jon Anderson - vocals
Chris Squire - bass, vocals
Bill Bruford - drums
Tony Kaye - keyboards
Steve Howe - guitar

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soft Machine - In Concert

Soft Machine - In Concert

Oh Boy 1-9018

Cover says:

1. Neo Caliban
2. Out Bloody-Rageous
3. Eamonn Andrews
4. Teeth
5. Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin'
6. I'm So Low

Tracks 1-4 Recorded 1970
Tracks 5+6 Recorded 1967

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jimi Hendrix - The Master's Masters

(studio outtakes from 1967 - 1970)

01 Hendrix McLaughlin Jam
02 Look Over Yonder
03 Seven Dollars in My Pocket; Blues Jungle; Jam Devil's Jam
04 All Along the Watchtower
05 Red House Electric Church Jam
06 Midnight
07 Axis Bold as Love
08 Jazz Jimi Jazz Electric Ladyland
09 Crash Landing

Label :
Format :
Total Time :
(not the original cd cover)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Doors - Television Bleeding

The Doors

"Television Bleeding"

Tracks 1-7 are alternate studio mixes, done by Paul Rothchild
during the prosuction of "The Best of the Doors" Quadrodisc.
Tracks 8-11 recorded live for TV broadcast
("Beat Club", Bremen, Germany) on May 3, 1972.

01. Hello I Love You (no drums, no second vocal overdub) - 2:18
02. People Are Strange (no drums, no guitar solo, no second vocal overdub) - 2:04
03. Love Her Madly (no reverb, no drums, no echo on voice) - 3:09
04. Love Me Two Times (no tambourine, no guitars) - 3:08
05. Riders On The Storm (no second vocal overdub, no echo, no drums) - 6:13
06. Touch Me (no drums) - 3:03
07. Soul Kitchen (different bass sound) - 3:22

08. Tightrope Ride - 4:08
09. In The Eye Of The Sun - 5:06
10. I'm Horny, I'm Stoned - 4:57
11. Love Me Two Times - 4:49
12. Verdilac - 6:17
13. Ships w/ Sails (false start) - 1:15
14. Ships w/ Sails - 9:46

"Snakeskin Records is a new firm producing Live CDs.
Their trademark is their high quality of both recording
and cover. Their latest CD is this new Doors disc. On it
you find different rough studio mixes in perfect stereo,
which had been done for the rare Doors Quadro vinyl
album The Best Of The Doors. I find it very interesting
to listen to these, sometimes you have the feeling of
listening to totally new recordings. But they are absolutely
the same as on the albums but in different mixes. Anyway,
have you ever heard Riders On The Storm without the
whispering and without drums? And People Are Strange
without drums and guitar solo? Both open whole new categories
of listening experiences. All songs with Morrison are
in excellent stereo. You won't believe your ears!
The second recording is one of the rare 1972 studio performances.
The Doors are having a lot of fun in the studio,
which makes a great listening. They play their standard
material of their 1972 tour through Western Europe.
This concert is presented in good mono; studio noises
between the songs have unfortunately been cut.
See the cover - a beautiful rare Morrison photo.
In general - a CD featuring totally new and unpublished
material with a superb cover sheet (yes, yes, the
beautiful rare photo of Jim, all girls will love this!).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Led Zeppelin: Lost Mixes (2001)

Led Zeppelin: Lost Mixes Vol. I
Date: 2001
Genre: Bootleg

01 - Four Sticks
02 - Black Dog
03 - When The Levee Breaks
04 - The Wanton Song
05 - Trampled Underfoot

Led Zeppelin: Lost Mixes Vol. II
Date: 2003
Genre: Bootleg

01 - Friends
02 - Four Sticks
03 - Friends
04 - Friends
05 - Four Sticks
06 - Four Sticks
07 - Whole Lotta Love - Heartbreaker - Ramble On

Led Zeppelin: Lost Mixes Vol. III
Date: 2004
Genre: Bootleg

01 - Celebration Day
02 - Hey Hey What Can I Do
03 - Out Of The Tiles
04 - Four Sticks
05 - When The Levee Breaks

Led Zeppelin: Lost Mixes Vol. IV
Date: 2004
Genre: Bootleg
In Through The Out Door Sessions
Stockholm (SWEDEN) Polar Studios - November - December 1978
Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire (ENGLAND) Clearwell Castle - May 1978

CD 1:
01 - All My Love (Rough Mix Take)
02 - Unreleased Song Drum Track
03 - Carouselambra Drum Track
04 - Ozone Baby Drum Track
05 - Ozone Baby Drum Track
06 - All My Love Drum Track
07 - Wearing And Tearing Drum Track
08 - I'm Gonna Crawl Drum Segment
09 - Fool In The Rain Drum Track

CD 2:
01 - Fire
02 - Carouselambra (Takes 1-3)
03 - Carouselambra (Instrumental)
04 - Polar Studios Fragment
05 - Wearing And Tearing
06 - Fool In The Rain
07 - Hot Dog
08 - In The Evening
09 - Southbound Suarez
10 - Darlene
11 - Fool In The Rain 2
12 - Carouselambra

Friday, August 20, 2010

Traffic - When The Eagle Flies LIVE 1974

01 Jam
02 Graveyard People
03 Walking In The Wind
05 Something New
06 When The Eagle Flies
07 Dream Gerrard
08 Love

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Rolling Stones - Rolling Stones Ultra Rare Trax Vols. 1-7

The Genuine Pig TGP-CD-101

01 Aladdin Story [take II] (Newbury, MRU & London, Olympic Studios, 17.10.-31.10.1970)
02 Diddley Daddy (London, IBC Studios, 11.03.1963)
03 Ain't That Loving You Baby (BBC, Rhythm & Blues, London, 08.10.1964)
04 Out Of Time [take I] (Los Angeles, RCA Studios, 06-09.03.1966)
05 Come On (BBC, Saturday Club, London, 23.09.1963)
06 Hillside Blues (Los Angeles, Sunset Sound Studios, 17-26.10.1969)
07 You Got The Silver [take II] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 10.02-31.03.1969)
08 Memphis Tennessee (BBC, Saturday Club, London, 23.09.1963)
09 Tell Me Baby (Chicago, Chess Studios, 11.06.1964)
10 Untitled instrumental (aka Trident Jam) (a.k.a. Trident Jam) (London, Olympic Studios, 06/07.1970 ?)
11 Memo >From Turner [take II] (London, Morgan Studios, 16.11.1969)
12 Down In The Bottom (BBC, Saturday Club, London, 25.05.1964)
13 Road Runner (London, IBC Studios, 11.03.1963)

The Genuine Pig TGP-CD-102

01 Roll Over Beethoven (BBC, Saturday Club, London, 23.09.1963)
02 Bright Lights Big City (London, IBC Studios, 11.03.1963)
03 Dear Doctor [take I] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 13-23.05.1968)
04 It's All Over Now (BBC, Joe Loss Pop Show, London, 17.07.1964)
05 Jumpin' Jack Flash [take V] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 27.04.1968)
06 I Was Just A Country Boy (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 10.02.-31.03.1969)
07 Not Fade Away (BBC, Saturday Club, London, 13.04.1964)
08 Time Is On My Side [take II] (London, Regent Sound Studios, 24-26.06.1964)
09 Sleepy City (London, Regent Sound Studios, 31.08-04.09.1964)
10 Wild Horses (two swiss guys, FAKED track !)
11 Andrew's Blues (London, Regent Sound Studios, 04.02.1964)
12 Jiving Sister Fanny [take I] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 17.04-02.07.1969)
13 Hi-Heel Sneakers (Chicago, Chess Studios, 11.06.1964)
14 Bluesberry Jam (Montreux, Rialto Theater, 21.05.1972)

The Genuine Pig TGP-CD-103

01 Wild Horses [take V] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 17.02.1970)
02 Down The Road Apiece (BBC Top Gear, London, 01.03.1965)
03 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (BBC Top Gear, London, 01.03.1965)
04 Who Am I? (London, Olympic Studios, 14-15.07.1970)
05 Brown Sugar [take IV] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 18.12.1969)
06 Shades Of Orange (track by The End, 1969, with Charlie Watts)
07 The Last Time (BBC Top Gear, London, 01.03.1965)
08 Mercy Mercy (BBC Yeh! Yeh!, London, 20.08.1965)
09 I'm Going Down [take II] (Los Angeles, Elektra Studios, 28.10.-02.11.1969)
10 I Don't Know Why [take I] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 17.04.-02.07.1969)
11 Ruby Tuesday [take II] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 08-26.11.1966)
12 Crackin' Up (BBC Top Gear, London, 17.07.1964)
13 I Want To Be Loved (London, IBC Studios, 11.03.1963)
14 Potted Shrimps (Newbury, MRU & London, Olympic Studios, 17.10.-31.10.1970)

The Genuine Pig TGP-CD-104

01 Travellin' Man (Newbury, MRU & London, Olympic Studios, 17.10.-31.10.1970)
02 Baby What's Worng (London, IBC Studios, 11.03.1963)
03 Straight On (two swiss guys, FAKED track !)
04 Cry To Me (BBC, London, Saturday Club, 20.08.1965)
05 Aftermath (a.k.a. Spector And Pitney Came Too) (London, Regent Sound Studios, 04.02.1964)
06 Family [take I] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 13-23.05.1968)
07 Dancing In The Light (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 03-05.1970)
08 Fanny Mae (BBC, London, Saturday Club, 20.08.1965)
09 As Time Goes By (London, De Lane Lea Studios, 11.03.1964)
10 Blood Red Wine (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 13-23.05.1968)
11 No Expectations (London, Hyde Park, 05.07.1969)
12 Poison Ivy [take II] (London, Decca Studios, 16.07.1963)
13 Satisfaction (BBC, London, Saturday Club, 20.08.1965)

The Genuine Pig TGP-CD-105

01 Still A Fool (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 13-23.05.1968)
02 2120 South Michigan Avenue (BBC London, Rhythm And Blues, 08.10.1964)
03 Loving Sacred Loving (song by "The End", featuring Nicky Hopkins but no Stone)
04 Fortune Teller [take II] (London, Decca Studios, 09.07.1963)
05 High Blues (two swiss guys, FAKED track !)
06 The Spider And The Fly (BBC London, Saturday Club, 20.08.1965)
07 Mother's Little Helper [take I] (Los Angeles, RCA Studios, 03-08.12.1965)
08 Give Me A Hamburger To Go (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 13-23.05.1968)
09 Downtown Suzie [take II] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 17.04.-02.07.1969)
10 Around And Around (BBC London, Top Gear, 17.07.1964)
11 If You Need Me (BBC London, Top Gear, 17.07.1964)
12 Cocksucker Blues (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 03-05-.1970)

The Genuine Pig TGP-CD-106

01 Oh Baby (BBC Manchester, Top of the Pops, 04.03.1965)
02 Family [take II] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 13-23.05.1968)
03 Let's Spend The Night Together [take I] (Los Angeles, RCA Studios, 03-11.08.1966)
04 I Can't Be Satisfied (BBC Manchester, Top of the Pops, 04.03.1965)
05 Wild Horses [take III] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 12.1969)
06 Can't Believe (aka Get Yourself Together) (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 08-26.11.1966)
07 Leather Jacket (London, Olympic Studios, 22.06.1970)
08 Country Honk [take II] (London, Olympic Studios, 17.04-02.07.1969)
09 Heart Of Stone [take II] (London, Regnt Sound Studios, 21-23.07.1964)
10 Highway Child (Redlands, 02.1968)
11 Stewed & Keefed (Chicago, Chess Studios, 10.06.1964)
12 You Gotta Move [take II] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 12.1969)

The Genuine Pig TGP-CD-130

01 Sympathy For The Devil (Livermore, 06.12.1969)
02 Sing This All Together (fake)
03 19th Nervous Breakdown [take I] (Los Angeles, RCA Studios, 03-08.12.1965)
04 Untitled Jam [by Dirty Mac] (London, Intertel Studios, 10-12.12.1968)
05 Beautiful Delilah (BBC London, Saturday Club, 13.04.1964)
06 Live With Me (San Diego, Sports Arena, 10.11.1969)
07 Good Time Woman [take II] (Newbury, MRU, 17.10.-31.10.1970)
08 Mona (BBC London, Blues In Rhythm, 19.03.1964)
09 Love In Vain (Baltimore, Civic Center, 26.11.1969)
10 Brown Sugar [take IV] (London, Olympic Sound Studios, 18.12.1969)
11 You Can't Always Get What You Want (London, Intertel Studios, 10-12.12.1968)

Ltd Edition 10CD ROLLING STONES Ultra Rare Trax Live, Unreleased, Alternates, Demos
here's 7 of the 10...will post the other 3 ASAP!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blind Faith - Live In Sweden (1969)

Blind Faith
Compensation For Betrayal
Live at Konserthallen,
Liseberg Nojespark,
Goteborg, Sweden
June 18, 1969.

01 Well All Right [Buddy Holly]
02 Sleeping In the Ground [Sam Myers]
03 Sea of Joy
04 Under My Thumb [Jagger, Richards]
05 Can't Find My Way Home
06 Do What You Like
07 Presence of the Lord
08 Means to An End [Traffic]
09 Had to Cry Today

Steve Winwood
Eric Clapton
Ginger Baker
Rick Grech

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jethro Tull - Palasport,Novara,Italy (1972)

01 My God
02 Thick As A Brick
03 Aqualung
04 A New Day Yesterday
05 Cross Eyed Mary

01 Nothing Is Easy
02 Wind Up
03 Locomotive Breath

Jethro Tull
Palasport (Sports Palace)
Novara, Italy
february 5 1972

ian anderson
martin barre
jeffrey hammond hammond
john evan
clive bunker

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stevie Wonder "Back To Black" (Germany 1975)

Musikladen TV 1975
Recording for Musikladen TV, Bremen, Germany
July 16, 1975
Very good soundboard
audio from TV broadcast

01. Intro Jam (6.5MB)
02. Contusion (4.6MB)
03. Higher Ground (4.1MB)
04. Dont You Worry ‘Bout A Thing (4.0MB)
05. I Can See The Sun In Late December (7.0MB)
06. He’s Misstra Know-It-All (5.8MB)
07. Living For The City (6.1MB)
08. Superstition (5.5MB)

Friday, August 6, 2010

MILES DAVIS - More Sessions 1975-76

MILES DAVIS - More Sessions 1975-76

1 Turn of the Century (M. Davis) Feb 27, 1975 15:34
2 Latin (M. Davis) [takes 3/4] May 5, 1975 4:47
3 Latin (M. Davis) (take 6) May 5, 1975 4:41
4 Latin (M. Davis) (take 6, different mix) May 5, 1975 4:15
5 Song of Landa (S. Morrison-M. Davis) (take 2) Mar 30, 1976 4:05
6 Song of Landa (S. Morrison-M. Davis) (take 6) Mar 30, 1976 4:48
7 TDK Funk (M. Davis) (Untitled original E) Dec 27, 1976 5:01

February 27, 1975
Columbia Studio, New York
Miles Davis Septet
Miles Davis (tpt, org); Sonny Fortune (ss, ts, fl); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Reggie Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

May 5, 1975
Columbia Studio, New York
Miles Davis Septet
Miles Davis (tpt, org); Sam Morrison (ts); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Reggie Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

March 30, 1976
Columbia Studio, New York
Miles Davis Studio Group
Miles Davis (org); Sam Morrison (ss, as, fl); Mark Johnson (el-p); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d)

December 27, 1976
Unknown studio, New York
Miles Davis Studio Group
Miles Davis (org); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Chicago - Louisville Memorial Auditorium '74

Louisville Memorial Auditorium
Louisville, KY

Set 1

01 Introduction 7:57
02 Call On Me 4:59
03 Saturday In The Park 3:46
04 Something In This City Changes Peoples 4:33
05 Aire 7:42
06 Beginnings 5:48
07 Make Me Smile 3:20
08 So Much To Say, So Much To Give 1:02
09 Anxiety's Moment 2:25
10 Colour My World 3:09
11 To Be Free 1:10
12 Now More Than Ever (INC) 2:11

Set 2

01. Introduction 1:04
02. Dialogue Pts 1 & 2 8:16
03. Italian From New York 3:44
04. Hanky Panky 1:53
05. Life Saver 5:37
06. Just You And Me 6:14
07. I've Been Searching So Long 4:42
08. 25 or 6 to 4 10:14
09. Got To Get You Into My Life 3:12
10. Feelin' Stronger Everyday 8:37

Robert Lamm - keyboards, lead vocals
Terry Kath - guitar, lead vocals
Peter Cetera - bass, lead vocals
James Pankow - trombone, percussion
Lee Loughnane - trumpet, percussion & b/g vocals
Walter Parazaider - woodwinds, percussion & b/g vocals
Daniel Seraphine - drums
Laudir De Oliveira - percussion

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sly & The Family Stone - Fillmore Funk! (1968)

Sly and the Family Stone 10/5/1968 Fillmore Funk!!

Disc 1 (Early set):
Color Me True,
It Won't Be Long,
Are You Ready,
Dance To The Music,

Disc 2 (Late set):
Are You Ready,
It Won't Be Long,
Color Me True,
Dance To The Music,
Love City,
Turn Me Loose,


Sly & The Family Stone - Ohio State

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jimi Hendrix - Diamonds In The Dust [Midnight Beat]

Jimi Hendrix · Diamond in the Dust (Midnight Beat CD 022/23)

CD 1
1) Jungle/Beginning - 5:57
2) Drivin' South - 5:04
3) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - :40
4) Cherokee Mist - 5:36
5) Pride of Man - 6:30
6) Ezy Rider (Embryonic Version) - 3:56
7) Drivin' South - 9:15
8) Highway of Desire (Part 1 and 2) - 22:35
9) Send My Love to Linda - 3:56
10) Cryin' Blue Rain - 10:36

CD 2
1) Villanova Junction/Ships Passing in the Night - 13:11
2) Lil Dog O' Mine/Valleys of Neptune Arising - 6:38
3) Blue Window Jam (Part 1 and 2) - 19:03
4) Variation on a Theme/Lonely Avenue (Part 1) - 25:17
5) Variation on a Theme/Lonely Avenue (Part 2) - 9:32
6) Ships Passing in the Night - 2:38

CD 1
#1 With Band of Gypsys, Hit Factory Studios, September 6, 1969;
#2-#3 With Experience, Olympic Sound Studios, January 26, 1968;
#4 With Experience, Record Plant Studios, May 2, 1968;
#5 With Band of Gypsys, Record Plant Studios, 1969;
#6 With Band of Gypsys, Olmstead Studios, April 6, 1969;
#7 With John McLaughlin, Record Plant Studios, March 25, 1969;
#8 With Band of Gypsys, Record Plant Studios, January 23, 1969;
#9 Jimi Solo, Record Plant Studios, April 21, 1969;
#10 With Band of Gypsys, Hit Factory Studios, September 6, 1969.

CD 2
#1 With Steven Stills & Nicky Hopkins, Record Plant Studios,
May 14, 1969;
#2 Jimi & Billy, Record Plant Studios, September 24, 1969;
#3 With Buddy Miles Express, Mercury Sound Studios, March 15, 1969;
#4-#5 Jimi & Buddy, Record Plant Studios, November 14, 1969;
#6 With Band of Gypsys, Record Plant Studios, May 14, 1969.

Monday, April 12, 2010


The Weasel Music Acetate would fit right at home on Weasels Ripped My Flesh. As fans know, Zappa’s song titles rarely offer glimpses into what the songs are about. Hence Chamber Music Piece 1 is not a soothing piece to while away a lazy afternoon. It’s actually a free-jazz piece with a “slow” build-up but it doesn’t really turn frenetic. On the other hand, Mozart Ballet would be considered a light classical piece, with tinkling piano, that seems to elicit screaming and laughter from the audience and the song ends with some heavy-duty feedback and guitar wailing. The track, Some Zany MOI Bullshit, might be what happens if Randy Newman had tried his hand at free-jazz.

Track 01. Albert Hall Spoken Introduction (3.8MB)
Track 02. Chamber Music Piece 1 (7.4MB)
Track 03. Mozart Ballet (17.9MB)
Track 04. Some Zany MOI Bullshit (4.9MB)
Track 05. Chamber Music Piece 2 (1.2MB)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Return To Forever - Live at The Plain Dealer Pavilion - Cleveland, OH, June 24, 2008

Return To Forever
The Plain Dealer Pavilion
Cleveland, OH


Chick Corea - keyboards
Stanley Clarke - bass
Al Di Meola - guitar
Lenny White - drums



1. Opening Prayer
2. Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy
3. Stanley speaks
4. Vulcan Worlds
5. The Sorceress
6. Lenny speaks
7. Song To The Pharoah Kings


1. Chick speaks
2. Al Di Meola Fantasy
3. No Mystery
4. Summer Night
5. The Romantic Warrior
6. crowd


7. Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mahavishnu Orchestra 1975-11-29 Toledo University OH

approximately 88 minutes of kick ass, burning fusion from this under appreciated version of MAHAVISHNU must dig this to believe it!


Mahavishnu Orchestra 1975-11-29 Toledo University OH-1
Mahavishnu Orchestra 1975-11-29 Toledo University OH-2

* John McLaughlin - guitar
* Stu Goldberg - keyboards
* Ralphe Armstrong - bass guitar
* Narada Michael Walden - drums

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Unknown venue and date. Very good soundboard.

Track 01. Instrumental Introduction
Track 02. You Just Don’t Care
Track 03. Fried Neckbones
Track 04. Waiting
Track 05. Treat
Track 06. Gumbo
Track 07. Evil Ways
Track 08. Medley: Shades Of Time/Savor/Jingo
Track 09. Persuasion
Track 10. Soul Sacrifice

Carlos Santana - guitar, vocals
Gregg Rolie - keyboards, lead vocals
Dave Brown - bass
Jose Chepito Areas - timbales, congas, percussion
Mike Carabello - percussion, trumpet
Michael Shrieve - drums

this is the original SANTANA band in full on, kick ass mode..
check it out!

this is a good one.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bob Marley & The Wailers (1973-10-31) The Record Plant (Sausalito, CA)

Bob Marley & The Wailers
The Record Plant
Sausalito, CA

Set 1
1. Intro
2. Rastaman Chant
3. Bend Down Low
4. Slave Driver
5. You Can't Blame The Youth
6. Stop That Train
7. Burnin' & Lootin'
8. Kinky Reggae
9. Get Up Stand Up
10. Lively Up Yourself
11. Walk The Proud Land
12. Outtro

bob likes ganja and jah...he plays the geetar and dances and bounces and shakes his dreads all crazy like...peter tosh and bob and bunny wailer got really really high on some really really big ass blunts and then went into the record plant, all laughin' and gigglin' rasta style, and laid down some serious, crucial tracks that helped define what has become to be known as REGGAE, mon!...DIG IT!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beck w The Flaming Lips - October 14, 2002 ~ Bridges Auditorium~ Claremont, CA

beck and the flaming lips guy got into a REAL BIG FIGHT just the very second after this picture was taken...beck turned around and said somethin' snide about wayne coynes suit, and it was on...wayne coyne got a big black eye and a big lump in his throat cuz beck really hurt him... he thought they were bros and now it was all this...they broke up after that and i don't know if they've kissed and made up since then, but...maybe they should have been called 'BECK & THE BLOODY LIPS', eh?


The Flaming Lips

Race For The Prize
Fight Test
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Pt 1
Lightning Strikes The Postman
She Don't Use Jelly
Thirty-five Thousand Feet Of Despair
Do You Realize
A Spoonful Weighs A Ton


Cold Brains
Lonesome Whistle
Guess I'm Doing Fine

Beck w/ The Flaming Lips

The Golden Age
Lord Only Knows
Paper Tiger
Lonesome Tears
Lost Cause
Get Real Paid
Already Dead
Nobody's Fault But My Own
Pay No Mind
The New Pollution
It's All In Your Mind
We Live Again
Little One
End Of The Day
Where It's At
Round The Bend

FM Broadcast

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Primus - Masters Of Puppies (1990 Tour)

(Italian Bootleg, 1992)

1 The Toys Go Winding Down 5:25
2 Frizzle Fry 6:20
3 John The Fisherman 3:57
4 Spaghetti Western 6:25
5 Harold Of The Rocks 7:48
6 Mr. Knowitall 4:17
7 Groundhog's Day 5:12
8 Tommy The Cat 7:19
9 Too Many Puppies 4:26

Bass, Vocals - Les Claypool
Drums - Tim Alexander
Guitar - Larry Lalonde

what...does PRIMUS SUCK! or what?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

MAGMA Radio Broadcasts (1972)

Radio Broadcasts 1972

Lineage: FM > reel-to-reel > cass ? > CDR > MP3

1. Mekanik Kommandoh (13/03/72, ORT, Paris, France) FM exc 5:49
2. Mekanik Kommandoh (6/72, France Inter, Paris, France) FM vg- 10:32

Two different recordings of the embryonic Mekanik version from the 1972 line-up. Very good sdb

Line-Up for both dates probably as follows:

Christian Vander - Drums
Francis Moze - Bass
Teddy Lasry - Clarinet
Franois Cahen - Keyboards
Claude Engel - Guitar
Klaus Blasquiz - Vocals
Jeff 'Yochko' Seffer - Saxophone

these fuckin' guys are heavy....i don't know what the fuck they're on about, but they seem really fuckin' serious about it...maybe they should just chill cuz... it's all good!!


Friday, February 12, 2010

PINK FLOYD - Rhapsody In Pink (1990) @320

This is the collection of material to hunt for if you're looking for unreleased Floyd from the post-Barrett, pre-Dark Side era. Bootleg fidelity doesn't come any better than this; it's one of the very few occasions where you could argue that the sound may actually be better than most official releases. These BBC airshots from the late '60s and early '70s focus on rather obscure material: "Julia Dream," "If," "Green Is the Colour," "Embryo," and the never-released "Murderistic Women" (a blueprint for "Careful With That Axe, Eugene"). There are also full-bore workouts of "Echoes" and "Atom Heart Mother Suite" that, depending on one's taste, could be argued to exceed the officially issued versions.

01. Embryo
02. Julia Dream
03. Careful With That Axe
04. One Of These Days
05. If
06. Atom Heart Mother
07. Echoes

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Billy Cobham Electric Ballroom, Dallas, TX 01-01-1975

Billy Cobham w/ George Duke
Electric Ballroom, Dallas, TX
(possibly New Year's Day) 1975
KZEW-FM broadcast
85 minutes - no setlist

George Duke-keys
Doug Rauch-bass
John Scofield-guitar
Billy Cobham-drums

01 unknown > For Love (I Come Your Friend) (from 7:00)
02 Red Baron
03 Band Introductions, Song For My Friend
04 Earthlings
05 George Duke improvs.(incl.Tzina, Feel, Space Lady) > Feel (at 7:30)
06 Drum Solo

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Hunter College, New York, NY 5/15/72

CD1 - 62:13

01 - 26:46
02 - 17:15
03 - 3:08
04 - 15:03

CD2 - 24:57

01 - 7:01
02 - 17:55

online i found the following setlist for this show,
anyone know what the real setlist is?
CD1 -
Meeting of the Spirits [13:35]
You Know You Know [10:15]
The Dance of Maya [14:27]

CD2 -
Sanctuary [04:26]
The Noonward Race [15:10]
One Word [12:32]

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


2. IFE
4. TUNE IN 5 (incomplete)

recorded @

DAVE LIEBMAN(ss.ts.fl)
PETE COSEY(el-g,perc)

Monday, January 11, 2010



1969 to 1982

1 JUMPIN’ JACK FLASH - new york 1969
2 BROWN SUGAR - houston 1972
3 BITCH - philadelphia 1972
5 TUMBLING DICE - brussels 1973
6 SHATTERED - memphis 1978
7 WILD HORSES - knebworth 1976
8 DEAD FLOWERS - leeds 1971
10 WHEN THE WHIP COMES DOWN - detroit 1978
11 HEY NEGRITA - lyon 1976
12 RIP THIS JOINT - philadelphia 1972
13 FAR AWAY EYES - lexington 1978
14 BEAST OF BURDEN - hartford 1981
15 ROUTE 66 - knebworth 1976
16 START ME UP - naples 1982
17 STREET FIGHTING MAN - houston 1972

1 UNDER MY THUMB - hampton 1981
2 ALL DOWN THE LINE - houston 1978
3 GIMME SHELTER - brussels 1973
4 HONKY TONK WOMAN - knebworth 1976
5 (I CAN’T GET NO) SATISFACTION - new york 1969
6 STRAY CAT BLUES - leeds 1971
7 ANGIE - brussels 1973
8 LOVE IN VAIN - houston 1972
9 MIDNIGHT RAMBLER - leeds 1971
10 HAND OF FATE- lyon 1976
11 I’M FREE - london 1969
12 SHE’S SO COLD - naples 1982
13 SWEET VIRGINIA - fort worth 1972
14 FOOL TO CRY - paris 1976
15 TIME IS ON MY SIDE - kansas 1981
16 LET IT ROCK - leeds 1971
17 SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL - oakland 1969

1989 to 2006

1 (I CAN’T GET NO) SATISFACTION - st. louis 1997
2 TUMBLING DICE - tokyo 1995
3 IT’S ONLY ROCK ‘N’ ROLL (BUT I LIKE IT) - rio de janeiro 2006
4 LOVE IS STRONG - new york 1994
5 SWAY - saitama 2006
6 MONKEY MAN - tokyo 1995
7 SHATTERED - buenos aires 2006
8 ANGIE - rio de janeiro 1995
9 SHINE A LIGHT - amsterdam 1995
10 SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL - chicago 1997
11 PAINT IT, BLACK - atlantic city 1989
12 IT’S ALL OVER NOW - miami 1994
13 LIKE A ROLLING STONE - buenos aires 1998
14 OUT OF TEARS - rio de janeiro 1995
15 TORN AND FRAYED - toronto 2002
16 19th NERVOUS BREAKDOWN - chicago 1997
17 GIMME SHELTER - amsterdam 1995

1 JUMPIN’ JACK FLASH - glasgow 2006
2 START ME UP - paris 2003
3 LET’S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER - rio de janeiro 1998
4 LIVE WITH ME - london 1995
5 ROCKS OFF - tokyo 1995
6 ALL DOWN THE LINE - amsterdam 1995
7 FLIP THE SWITCH - buenos aires 1998
8 RUBY TUESDAY - atlantic city 1989
9 WILD HORSES - saitama 2006
10 CAN’T YOU HEAR ME KNOCKING - toronto 2002
11 HONKY TONK WOMAN - tokyo 1995
12 NOT FADE AWAY - rio de janeiro 1995
13 STRAY CAT BLUES - toronto 2002
14 LITTLE QUEENIE - chicago 1997
15 BITCH - sapporo 2006
16 STREET FIGHTING MAN - london 1989
17 BROWN SUGAR - london 2003
18 YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT - st. louis 1997
19 THE LAST TIME - chicago 1997

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Beatles And The Great Concert at Shea! (2007 Yellow Dog)

The Beatles - The Beatles And The Great Concert at Shea!

Label: Yellow Dog Masters Choice

Source: Silver CD > EAC > Flac Frontend > You

CD 1

Line Recording (part 1)

1. Introduction
2. Twist And Shout
3. She's A Woman
4. I Feel Fine
5. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
6. Ticket To Ride
7. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
8. Can't Buy Me Love
9. Baby's In Black
10. Act Naturally
11. A Hard Day's Night
12. Help!
13. I'm Down

King Curtis

14. National Anthem
15. Intermezzo

Discotech Dancers

16. Medley

King Curtis

17. What'd I Say
18. The Branch
19. Soul Twist
20. Intermezzo

Cannibal & Headhunters

21. Out Of Sight
22. Now Lady Now
23. The Way You Do The Things You Do
24. Land Of 1000 Dances

Brenda Holloway

25. Shake/Satisfaction
26. I Can't Help Myself
27. You Can Cry On My Shoulder
28. When I'm Gone

CD 2

Line Recording (part 2)

1. Intermezzo

Sounds Inc.

2. America/Fingertips
3. William Tell Overture
4. Instrumental
5. In The Hall Of The Mountain Kings

Original 1966 BBC Soundtrack

6. Introduction
7. Twist And Shout
8. I Feel Fine
9. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
10. Ticket To Ride
11. Act Naturally
12. Can't Buy Me Love
13. Baby's In Black
14. A Hard Day's Night
15. Help!
16. I'm Down

The Beatles Live At Shea Described By Erupting Fans

17. Part 1
18. Part 2

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Who- Tales from the Who (1974)

Tales from the Who
The Who

The Spectrum,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

1 I Can't Explain
2 Summertime Blues
3 My Generation
4 I Am the Sea/The Real Me
5 I'm One
6 Sea and Sand
7 Drowned
8 Bell Boy
9 Doctor Jimmy
10 Won't Get Fooled Again
11 Pinball Wizard
12 See Me, Feel Me

Friday, December 18, 2009

Paul McCartney Wings - Venus and Mars Sessions

According to the sleeve, this music was culled from sessions that took place between January and April 1975, first at Sea Saint Studios, New Orleans, and later at Wally Heider Studios in Los Angeles. The music was culled from sessions that took place between January and April of 1975, first at Sea Saint Studios, New Orleans and later at Wall Heider Studios in LA.

01. Venus And Mars
02. Rock Show
03. Love In Song
04. You Gave Me The Answer
05 Magneto And Titanium Man
06 Letting Go
07 Medicine Jar
08 Venus And Mars (Reprise)
09 Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
10 Call Me Back Again
11 Listen To What The Man Said
12 Treat Her Gently_Lonely Old People
13 Crossroads Theme
14 Lunch Box Odd Sox
15 Venus And Mars
16 Rock Show
17 Love In Song
18 Letting Go
19 Medicine Jar
20 Venus And Mars (Reprise)
21 Listen To What The Man Said
22 Treat Her Gently_Lonely Old People
23 Crossroads Theme

Paul McCartney - lead vocals, guitar, bass
Linda - piano, synth, backing vocals
Denny Laine - guitar, bass, backing vocals
Jimmy McCulloch - guitar, backing vocals (lead on Medicine Jar)
Joe English - drums

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

George Harrison - Live - Long Beach 74

Harrison had his share of friends visit him throughout the tour, with Bob Dylan checking out both his afternoon and evening Los Angeles Forum shows, John Lennon and girlfriend May Pang catching one of the Nassau Coliseum show on Long Island, and Paul and Linda McCartney attending one of the New York City shows at Madison Square Garden. McCartney tried to disguise himself in afro wig and fake mustache, but was easily spotted by die-hard fans.
Beatlefan magazine reported that David Bowie visited Harrison backstage in Memphis, but that he and Harrison "didn't hit it off that well."
After the dates, Harrison was so turned off to performing that it was 17 years before he embarked on his next tour, a series of dates in Japan far away from the glaring Western media.
Mark Lapidos, who that same year founded what is now known as The Fest For Beatlefans, caught several of Harrison's 1974 New York shows and said that the press were too harsh on Harrison: "You know, after a while the headlines take over; Dark Hoarse, H-O-A-R-S-E, the Dark Hoarse Tour as it became known as. I don't think that the people were bothered by his voice. I noticed that it was a little bit off. My objection (laughs) was when he did 'In My Life'(and) he changed the words. I would have rathered him not to, but he was religious and that was his thing."
Harrison's widow, Olivia Harrison, who was with him for the duration of the '74 tour, says that although it's still on the backburner, she's planning some type major retrospective around the tour, including a reissue of the Dark Horse album, and a live CD and DVD: "There's a lot of footage and a lot of history
around that 1974 tour. You know George filmed quite a lot, so I think that it needs a little more time to sort that out. Because there's this great footage, you know he filmed backstage, he filmed in lots of cities, so many things happened on that tour, as well as a live album."

1. Hari's On Tour
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3. Something
4. Sue Me Sue You Blues
5. For You Blue
6. Give Me Love
7. In My Life
8. Maya Love
9. Nothing From Nothing(*)
10. My Sweet Lord
11. Interview 1
12. Interview 2
13. Interview 3
Nov 10 (Sun), Long Beach, California, Long Beach Arena

GEORGE HARRISON - Live Washington 74

It was on November 2nd, 1974 that George Harrison launched his "George Harrison & Friends North American Tour," at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, becoming the first solo Beatle to tour North America.
The 30-date tour was particularly grueling for Harrison, who had blown out his voice in the rush to complete his Dark Horse album, resulting in some reporters mockingly referring to the dates as the "Dark Hoarse" tour. To make matters worse, Harrison and his band were often playing two shows a day, with some dates not selling out.
The show, which had already had pacing problems due to Harrison's choice of material, featured guest spots by saxophonist Tom Scott and Billy Preston, as well as two long Indian music sets by sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar interspersed within the concerts, which all but wrecked any momentum the "rock" aspects of the show had gained.
Although Harrison and the press liked to portray the concert audiences as hostile toward his performances, underground recordings of concerts taped in such cities as Fort Worth and Baton Rouge show boisterous fans cheering the show -- including the songs from Harrison's soon-to-be critically bashed Dark Horse album, which didn't hit the stores until the tour was halfway over.
For many, the main problem with the tour was Harrison tampering with the lyrics and arrangement of Beatles classics. "Something," which surprised many as the second song of the night, had its lyrics changed to "When something's in the way we move it"; "For You Blue" was changed into an up-tempo jazz number; "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" became "While My Guitar Tries To Smile"; and Harrison's update on John Lennon and Paul McCartney's "In My Life" had Harrison declaring during the song's chorus, "In my life, I love God more."
Among his solo hits performed on the tour were "What Is Life" and the Number Ones "My Sweet Lord" and "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)." Conspicuously absent from the tour was Harrison's Beatles hit "Here Comes The Sun."
Billy Preston performed show-stopping renditions of his hits "Will It Go 'Round In Circles," "Outta Space," and "Nothing From Nothing."

Hari's On Tour /While My Guitar Gently Weeps /Something /Will It Going 'round In Circles(with billy preston ) /Sue Me Sue You Blues /For You Blue /Introduction band/ Give Me Love /In My Life /Tomcat(with tom scott)/Maya Love /Dark Horse /What Is Life /My Sweet Lord

Monday, December 14, 2009

John Lennon - Alternative Mind Games & Shaved Fish

Mind Games

1. Mind Games (rough vocal - early mix).
2. Tight A$ (guitar & vocals demo)
3. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) - (rough mix)
4. Bring On The Lucie (alternative mix)
5. Out Of The Blue (rough mix & alternative vocal)
6. Only People (rough mix)

Shaved Fish

7. Give Peace A Chance (acoustic demo)
8. Cold Turkey (alternative vocals - early mix from an acetate)
9. Instant Karma (film clip version - double tracked vocals)
10. Power To The People (alternative version)
11. Mother (live one to one concert - matinee show - different version to album)
12. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (acoustic demo)
13. Imagine (live one to one concert - matinee show - different version to album)
14. Whatever Gets You Through The Night (alternative version)
15. Mind Games (Make Love Not War) - (early prototype version)
16. #9 Dream (acoustic demo)
17. Happy Xmas War is Over (acoustic demo version)
18. Give Peace A Chance ( live one to one concert - full version featuring guest vocalists Stevie Wonder and Melanie Safka).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Miles Davis - CBS Records Convention (Freeport, Grand Bahama Island)

Previously unknown to exist, this August 2, 1970 recording of Miles Davis was recorded live before an audience of invited guests at a CBS Records convention in the Bahamas. This recording now stands as the final document of existing Mils Davis recordings to feature Steve Grossman on sax, who would be replaced by Gary Bartz a few days later. Given only 30 minutes in which to play, this performance is less expansive in an improvisational sense than most performances during this era, but no less adventurous. The group still packs plenty of energy into the time allotted, and if anything, Miles solos even more than usual. The performance is one continuous suite, which allows one to follow the flow and logic of the music over an extended period of time. This continual flow, devoid of announcements identifying the songs, often left critics and listeners confused, but focused listening reveals that distinct changes are taking place. Miles is thoroughly in control of the musical direction at all times, whether he is in the forefront instrumentally or not. Miles guides the music back to particular vamps or themes, continually bringing focus to the group improvisations. The swift and agile response of the musicians to Miles' cues and coded phrases is truly remarkable and is a primary reason for the relentless intensity of this music. Little of this music derives from Miles' jazz period, nor does it fall into the free jazz category that it is so often mistakenly associated with. This music is much funkier, often comprised of deep, one chord, cyclical grooves that have little in common with jazz.

1. Directions 4:44
2. Bitches Brew 7:38
3. The Mask 3:23
4. Spanish Key 10:02

Steve Grossman - saxophone
Chick Corea - electric piano
Miles Davis - trumpet
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Dave Holland - bass
Keith Jarrett - organ
Airto Moreira - percussion