Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stomu Yamashta's Go - Europe 1976

01 Ghost Machine 7.42m #
02 Surf Spin 6.33m #
03 Time Is Here 7.32m #
04 Winner-Loser 5.00m #
05 Crossing The Line 15.53m #
06 Make Up Your Mind And Go 9.57m [unreleased]

# from the Go album

Stomu Yamashta - percussion & synthesizer
Klaus Schulze - "space machine"
Al Di Meola - guitar
Steve Winwood - keyboards and vocals
Michael Shrieve - drums

Pat Thrall [?] - guitar
Jerome Rimson [?] - bass
Brother James - congas
Karen Freedman - backing vocals

Stomu Yamashta's Go
Europe 1976 [SEIDR 026]
Live at Royal Albert Hall [?], London, England, May 29, 1976.

A relic from the prog-rock years, Stomu Yamashta’s Go was quite a superstar band of its time in 1976. It had Steve Winwood, dragged out from hibernation following the collapse of Traffic, Michael Shrieve the drummer from Santana, Al DiMeola the hot guitarist from Chick Corea’s Return To Forever and the German electronic musician Klaus Schulze [Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Temple]. How on earth they all gathered to report to work under Japanese jazz-rocker Stomu Yamashta is probably buried under a mountain of mouldy UK music weeklies.

This concert, said to be recorded on May 29, 1976 at London’s Royal Albert Hall, was probably the first public performance of Go. Nobody is certain whether this date or venue is correct. This recording appeared in the late '80s/early '90s on a bootleg label Kiss Deluxe. They claimed the year as 1976 in Europe. Hardly helpful but the sound quality is exceptional and from the stereo soundboard.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Gothenburg - January 24, 1971:
Track 01. All Good People
Track 02. Astral Traveler
Track 03. Everydays

New Haven - July 24, 1971:
Track 04. Yours Is No Disgrace
Track 05. All Good People
Track 06. Clap/Classical Gas
Track 07. Perpetual Change

Jon Anderson - vocals
Chris Squire - bass, vocals
Bill Bruford - drums
Tony Kaye - keyboards
Steve Howe - guitar