Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jean Luc Ponty Paris Nov 75 flac16

Jean Luc Ponty- violin
Daryl Steurmer- guitar
Mark Wolf- keyboards
Tom Fowler- bass
Norm Fearrington- drums

Paris, France
November 1975 (exact date unknown)

audience recording (maybe 1st gen.?) > CD > CD extractor >
FLAC 6 > yours...

runtime: 77:34

1: tuning 2:06
2: upon the wings of music 15:31
3: bowing bowing 9:44
4: aurora (?) 16:22
5: band introductions 1:28
6: (?) question with no answer (?) 7:31
7: polyfolk dance 9:03
8: wandering on the milky way 5:39
9: fight for life 8:30
10: encore pre-song tuning 1:30 apparently missing a last song after?

I'm not real sure of these titles, only that all the songs are
from the (studio) albums Upon the Wings of Music and Aurora, as
performed in Paris.
this recording came to me on a cassette that sounded like it was
transferred on a deck with some dust on the head or something, but
this was a project to get in (close to) posting shape and it does sound
pretty decent now. there was NO WAY I was going to do a "new transfer"
on this one. it was one of my first real project remaster efforts that
I didn't screw up AND didn't get a glitched CD. ah the harmony of Ponty...
unfortunately there are some (not very loud) clicks, apparently from the
transfer to my cassette copy which has alot more of them than this does.
So I went in there and removed as many as I could before I couldn't stand
doing any more of it and had removed the worst of the clicks. it did not
sound like diginoise. the clicks were in the files before there was a
CD of this, the source of this post. They're not in all of it.
the original recording was a good one, and the concert was very nice.
Ponty of 75 and 76 is my favorite of his own (many) bands. I suspect
there may be a missing encore in here. This is apparently all I have,
it sounds like track 10 is a tuneup for an encore that's not there.
everything before that seems to be there and the drummer here is one
of the best. Have no fear of weak drumming, when Fearrington is here.
this is early on in Steurmer's Ponty days and some of the best I've heard
out of him. this is a great jazz fusion group. so great that it wouldn't
be much of a "jazz fusion" section on dime without something from 75-76
era Ponty. this music fits the category like a custom fitted glove.
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

get's really rather ripping!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Robin Trower - Guitar Bandit (1973)

1 - The Fool and Me
2 - Twice Removed From Yesterday
3 - Lady Love
4 - Daydream
5 - Day Of The Eagle
6 - I Can't Wait Much Longer
7 - Man Of The World
8 - Sinner's Song
9 - Little Bit Of Sympathy

Recorded for broadcast at the Record Plant Studios in Sausalito, California with a small audience.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Beatles - 1962 - Star Club (Purple Chick) FLAC

25 December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

101: Be-Bop A-Lula vocal: Fred Fascher
102: I Saw Her Standing There
103: Hallelujah I Love Her So - vocal: Horst Fascher
104: Red Hot - incomplete
105: Sheila
106: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey
107: Shimmy Like Kate
108: Reminiscing
109: Red Sails In The Sunset
110: Sweet Little Sixteen
111: Roll Over Beethoven
112: A Taste Of Honey
113: Ask Me Why
114: Long Tall Sally
115: Besame Mucho
116: I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
117: Twist And Shout
118: Mr. Moonlight
119: Falling In Love Again
120: I’m Talking About You
121: I Remember You

28 December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

201: Nothin’ Shakin’ (But The Leaves On The Trees)
202: I Saw Her Standing There
203: To Know Her Is To Love Her
204: Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
205: Till There Was You
206: Where Have You Been All My Life?
207: Lend Me Your Comb
208: Your Feet’s Too Big
209: I’m Talking About You
210: A Taste Of Honey
211: Matchbox
212: Little Queenie
213: Roll Over Beethoven

31 December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

214: Road Runner
215: Hippy Hippy Shake
216: A Taste Of Honey - fragment
217: Money - vocal: Bobby Thompson

Bonus tracks:
King Size Taylor and the Dominos and Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
31 December, 1962 Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

217: Sparkling Brown Eyes - vocal: Keith Hardie
218: Lovesick Blues - vocal: John Frankland
219: First Taste Of Love - vocal: Bobby Thompson
220: Dizzy Miss Lizzy - vocal: Kingsize Taylor
221: Hully Gully* - vocal: Cliff Bennett

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mahavishnu Orchestra - 1973-11-12 Hollywood Calfornia

Artist: Mahavishnu Orchestra
Date: 1973-11-12
Location: Hollywood, CA
Venue: The Roxy
Source: audience
Lineage: master cassette>wav(96/24)>wav(44.1/16)>flac
Transfer: master cassette>Revox B-215>Adobe Audtion 3.0 (96/24)
Taping Gear: unknown mics>unknown recorder
Taped By: D & D
Transferred By: weedwacker

D & D Archives Master Series Volume 25

Band Members:
John McLaughlin - guitar
Rick Laird - bass
Jerry Goodman - electric violin
Billy Cobham - drums
Jan Hammer - synthesizer

01. Intro
02. Meeting Of The Spirits ->
03. Trilogy
04. Sister Andrea pt1
05. Sister Andrea pt2
06. I Wonder ->
07. Awakening (inc. end cut)

Length: 91:17
JEMS is proud to be able to partner with and present some of the choice recordings in the D & D archives. Some of these recordings have been around for years but none of the master tapes or safety copies in some cases have ever been digitized until now. Dave and Donn taped many shows in and around the Seattle area in the 70's and also were contemporaries of some of the JEMS members. Volume 25 is one of Daves brother's master recordings of Mahavishnu Orchestra. Great show here and possibly an uncirculated performance prior to June 2011.

Friday, February 10, 2012

if i come back,,,

now, i might come back on this one (for starters?) and if i do, i'm just gonna post stuff in whatever format...
could be flac, could be ogg, could be mp3...could be mp-fuck you if you don't like it!
whatever, i got some shit i wanna share, but if i come back and a damn single one of you bitches at me about the fuckin' format, or the bit rate or the blah blah blah, then what ever...DON'T GET IT THEN!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Concerning Dead Links and Re-ups....

many of the rapidshare links are going down, because i don't have an account with them anymore. if any of you would like me to re-up anything, just leave me a comment, and i'll try to get it to ASAP!