Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jean Luc Ponty Paris Nov 75 flac16

Jean Luc Ponty- violin
Daryl Steurmer- guitar
Mark Wolf- keyboards
Tom Fowler- bass
Norm Fearrington- drums

Paris, France
November 1975 (exact date unknown)

audience recording (maybe 1st gen.?) > CD > CD extractor >
FLAC 6 > yours...

runtime: 77:34

1: tuning 2:06
2: upon the wings of music 15:31
3: bowing bowing 9:44
4: aurora (?) 16:22
5: band introductions 1:28
6: (?) question with no answer (?) 7:31
7: polyfolk dance 9:03
8: wandering on the milky way 5:39
9: fight for life 8:30
10: encore pre-song tuning 1:30 apparently missing a last song after?

I'm not real sure of these titles, only that all the songs are
from the (studio) albums Upon the Wings of Music and Aurora, as
performed in Paris.
this recording came to me on a cassette that sounded like it was
transferred on a deck with some dust on the head or something, but
this was a project to get in (close to) posting shape and it does sound
pretty decent now. there was NO WAY I was going to do a "new transfer"
on this one. it was one of my first real project remaster efforts that
I didn't screw up AND didn't get a glitched CD. ah the harmony of Ponty...
unfortunately there are some (not very loud) clicks, apparently from the
transfer to my cassette copy which has alot more of them than this does.
So I went in there and removed as many as I could before I couldn't stand
doing any more of it and had removed the worst of the clicks. it did not
sound like diginoise. the clicks were in the files before there was a
CD of this, the source of this post. They're not in all of it.
the original recording was a good one, and the concert was very nice.
Ponty of 75 and 76 is my favorite of his own (many) bands. I suspect
there may be a missing encore in here. This is apparently all I have,
it sounds like track 10 is a tuneup for an encore that's not there.
everything before that seems to be there and the drummer here is one
of the best. Have no fear of weak drumming, when Fearrington is here.
this is early on in Steurmer's Ponty days and some of the best I've heard
out of him. this is a great jazz fusion group. so great that it wouldn't
be much of a "jazz fusion" section on dime without something from 75-76
era Ponty. this music fits the category like a custom fitted glove.
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

get's really rather ripping!