Monday, December 21, 2009

The Who- Tales from the Who (1974)

Tales from the Who
The Who

The Spectrum,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

1 I Can't Explain
2 Summertime Blues
3 My Generation
4 I Am the Sea/The Real Me
5 I'm One
6 Sea and Sand
7 Drowned
8 Bell Boy
9 Doctor Jimmy
10 Won't Get Fooled Again
11 Pinball Wizard
12 See Me, Feel Me

Friday, December 18, 2009

Paul McCartney Wings - Venus and Mars Sessions

According to the sleeve, this music was culled from sessions that took place between January and April 1975, first at Sea Saint Studios, New Orleans, and later at Wally Heider Studios in Los Angeles. The music was culled from sessions that took place between January and April of 1975, first at Sea Saint Studios, New Orleans and later at Wall Heider Studios in LA.

01. Venus And Mars
02. Rock Show
03. Love In Song
04. You Gave Me The Answer
05 Magneto And Titanium Man
06 Letting Go
07 Medicine Jar
08 Venus And Mars (Reprise)
09 Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
10 Call Me Back Again
11 Listen To What The Man Said
12 Treat Her Gently_Lonely Old People
13 Crossroads Theme
14 Lunch Box Odd Sox
15 Venus And Mars
16 Rock Show
17 Love In Song
18 Letting Go
19 Medicine Jar
20 Venus And Mars (Reprise)
21 Listen To What The Man Said
22 Treat Her Gently_Lonely Old People
23 Crossroads Theme

Paul McCartney - lead vocals, guitar, bass
Linda - piano, synth, backing vocals
Denny Laine - guitar, bass, backing vocals
Jimmy McCulloch - guitar, backing vocals (lead on Medicine Jar)
Joe English - drums

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

George Harrison - Live - Long Beach 74

Harrison had his share of friends visit him throughout the tour, with Bob Dylan checking out both his afternoon and evening Los Angeles Forum shows, John Lennon and girlfriend May Pang catching one of the Nassau Coliseum show on Long Island, and Paul and Linda McCartney attending one of the New York City shows at Madison Square Garden. McCartney tried to disguise himself in afro wig and fake mustache, but was easily spotted by die-hard fans.
Beatlefan magazine reported that David Bowie visited Harrison backstage in Memphis, but that he and Harrison "didn't hit it off that well."
After the dates, Harrison was so turned off to performing that it was 17 years before he embarked on his next tour, a series of dates in Japan far away from the glaring Western media.
Mark Lapidos, who that same year founded what is now known as The Fest For Beatlefans, caught several of Harrison's 1974 New York shows and said that the press were too harsh on Harrison: "You know, after a while the headlines take over; Dark Hoarse, H-O-A-R-S-E, the Dark Hoarse Tour as it became known as. I don't think that the people were bothered by his voice. I noticed that it was a little bit off. My objection (laughs) was when he did 'In My Life'(and) he changed the words. I would have rathered him not to, but he was religious and that was his thing."
Harrison's widow, Olivia Harrison, who was with him for the duration of the '74 tour, says that although it's still on the backburner, she's planning some type major retrospective around the tour, including a reissue of the Dark Horse album, and a live CD and DVD: "There's a lot of footage and a lot of history
around that 1974 tour. You know George filmed quite a lot, so I think that it needs a little more time to sort that out. Because there's this great footage, you know he filmed backstage, he filmed in lots of cities, so many things happened on that tour, as well as a live album."

1. Hari's On Tour
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3. Something
4. Sue Me Sue You Blues
5. For You Blue
6. Give Me Love
7. In My Life
8. Maya Love
9. Nothing From Nothing(*)
10. My Sweet Lord
11. Interview 1
12. Interview 2
13. Interview 3
Nov 10 (Sun), Long Beach, California, Long Beach Arena

GEORGE HARRISON - Live Washington 74

It was on November 2nd, 1974 that George Harrison launched his "George Harrison & Friends North American Tour," at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, becoming the first solo Beatle to tour North America.
The 30-date tour was particularly grueling for Harrison, who had blown out his voice in the rush to complete his Dark Horse album, resulting in some reporters mockingly referring to the dates as the "Dark Hoarse" tour. To make matters worse, Harrison and his band were often playing two shows a day, with some dates not selling out.
The show, which had already had pacing problems due to Harrison's choice of material, featured guest spots by saxophonist Tom Scott and Billy Preston, as well as two long Indian music sets by sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar interspersed within the concerts, which all but wrecked any momentum the "rock" aspects of the show had gained.
Although Harrison and the press liked to portray the concert audiences as hostile toward his performances, underground recordings of concerts taped in such cities as Fort Worth and Baton Rouge show boisterous fans cheering the show -- including the songs from Harrison's soon-to-be critically bashed Dark Horse album, which didn't hit the stores until the tour was halfway over.
For many, the main problem with the tour was Harrison tampering with the lyrics and arrangement of Beatles classics. "Something," which surprised many as the second song of the night, had its lyrics changed to "When something's in the way we move it"; "For You Blue" was changed into an up-tempo jazz number; "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" became "While My Guitar Tries To Smile"; and Harrison's update on John Lennon and Paul McCartney's "In My Life" had Harrison declaring during the song's chorus, "In my life, I love God more."
Among his solo hits performed on the tour were "What Is Life" and the Number Ones "My Sweet Lord" and "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)." Conspicuously absent from the tour was Harrison's Beatles hit "Here Comes The Sun."
Billy Preston performed show-stopping renditions of his hits "Will It Go 'Round In Circles," "Outta Space," and "Nothing From Nothing."

Hari's On Tour /While My Guitar Gently Weeps /Something /Will It Going 'round In Circles(with billy preston ) /Sue Me Sue You Blues /For You Blue /Introduction band/ Give Me Love /In My Life /Tomcat(with tom scott)/Maya Love /Dark Horse /What Is Life /My Sweet Lord

Monday, December 14, 2009

John Lennon - Alternative Mind Games & Shaved Fish

Mind Games

1. Mind Games (rough vocal - early mix).
2. Tight A$ (guitar & vocals demo)
3. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) - (rough mix)
4. Bring On The Lucie (alternative mix)
5. Out Of The Blue (rough mix & alternative vocal)
6. Only People (rough mix)

Shaved Fish

7. Give Peace A Chance (acoustic demo)
8. Cold Turkey (alternative vocals - early mix from an acetate)
9. Instant Karma (film clip version - double tracked vocals)
10. Power To The People (alternative version)
11. Mother (live one to one concert - matinee show - different version to album)
12. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (acoustic demo)
13. Imagine (live one to one concert - matinee show - different version to album)
14. Whatever Gets You Through The Night (alternative version)
15. Mind Games (Make Love Not War) - (early prototype version)
16. #9 Dream (acoustic demo)
17. Happy Xmas War is Over (acoustic demo version)
18. Give Peace A Chance ( live one to one concert - full version featuring guest vocalists Stevie Wonder and Melanie Safka).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Miles Davis - CBS Records Convention (Freeport, Grand Bahama Island)

Previously unknown to exist, this August 2, 1970 recording of Miles Davis was recorded live before an audience of invited guests at a CBS Records convention in the Bahamas. This recording now stands as the final document of existing Mils Davis recordings to feature Steve Grossman on sax, who would be replaced by Gary Bartz a few days later. Given only 30 minutes in which to play, this performance is less expansive in an improvisational sense than most performances during this era, but no less adventurous. The group still packs plenty of energy into the time allotted, and if anything, Miles solos even more than usual. The performance is one continuous suite, which allows one to follow the flow and logic of the music over an extended period of time. This continual flow, devoid of announcements identifying the songs, often left critics and listeners confused, but focused listening reveals that distinct changes are taking place. Miles is thoroughly in control of the musical direction at all times, whether he is in the forefront instrumentally or not. Miles guides the music back to particular vamps or themes, continually bringing focus to the group improvisations. The swift and agile response of the musicians to Miles' cues and coded phrases is truly remarkable and is a primary reason for the relentless intensity of this music. Little of this music derives from Miles' jazz period, nor does it fall into the free jazz category that it is so often mistakenly associated with. This music is much funkier, often comprised of deep, one chord, cyclical grooves that have little in common with jazz.

1. Directions 4:44
2. Bitches Brew 7:38
3. The Mask 3:23
4. Spanish Key 10:02

Steve Grossman - saxophone
Chick Corea - electric piano
Miles Davis - trumpet
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Dave Holland - bass
Keith Jarrett - organ
Airto Moreira - percussion

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Byrds at Fillmore West - Jan 4, 1970

Roger McGuinn - guitar, vocals
Clarence White - guitar, mandolin
Skip Battin - bass, vocals
Gene Parsons - drums, vocals

Recorded on the final night of a three night Fillmore West run, headlining over Fleetwood Mac and John Hammond, Jr., this is the McGuinn, White, Battin, Parsons lineup early on, one which would last longer than any other Byrds lineup. The band was promoting The Ballad Of Easy Rider LP, where the group continued to explore elements of country and western music, while they headed toward a heavier electric rock sound. Ex-Kentucky Colonels guitarist, Clarence White, is perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this lineup and his innovative stringbending techniques and fluid solos are well represented here.

1. You Ain't Going Nowhere
2. Feel A Whole Lot Better
3. Old Blue
4. You All Look Alike
5. Positively 4th Street
6. Jesus Is Just Alright
7. Mr. Spaceman
8. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
9. Take A City Bride
10. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
11. Mr. Tambourine Man
12. Eight Miles High
13. Hold It

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Led Zeppelin - 1969-04-27 The Devils Blues (SF Fillmore West)

Disc 1

01 - Good Evening 00:15
02 - Train Kept a Rollin' 03:00
03 - I Can't Quit You Baby 08:06
04 - As Long As I Have You (Medley) 18:25
05 - You Shook Me 10:01
06 - How Many More Times 22:57
07 - Communication Breakdown 05:32

Disc 2

08 - Killing Floor 08:59
09 - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 08:16
10 - White Summer-Black Mountain Side 09:51
11 - Sitting and Thinking 07:34
12 - Pat's Delight 16:03
13 - Dazed and Confused 11:22

This audio-only presentation comes from the remastered DVD release by Genuine Masters.

An Evening with ... Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart

3. Debra Kadabra / Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy [Bongo Fury versions]
4. The Smegmates: Will You Drink My Water?
5. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Pachuco Cadaver [Don van Vliet] [Trout Mask Replica version]
6. I Was a Teenage Maltshop
7. Status Back Baby
8. Ned the Mumbler [may or may not include "Ned Has a Brainstorm"]
9. Toads of the Short Forest
10. Charva [The Lost Episodes version]
11. Speed-Freak Boogie [Mystery Disc version]
12. Metal Man Has Won His Wings [Don van Vliet / Zappa] [Mystery Disc version]
13. Instrumental
14. Louisiana Blues [McKinley "Muddy Waters" Morganfield]
15. Instrumental ["Party Scene from Mondo Hollywood" - Mystery Disc version]
16. Studio Rehearsal ["Sandwich Song"]
17. How Could I Be Such a Fool?
18. Boogie for Berkeley
19. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Neon Meat Dream of a Octafish [Don van Vliet] [Trout Mask Replica version]
20. Muffin Man [Bongo Fury version]
21. 200 Years Old [extended version]

This is a recording of a radio show on KWST radio, 1-Nov-1975, where Zappa and Beefheart played oldies and oddities.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Alice Cooper - LA Forum - June 18, 1975

Alice Cooper: 1975-06-18 - Los Angeles, CA - LA Forum
Quality: A+
18/06/1975 - Louisiana Forum, Los Angeles, CA

Disc 1:
1. KBFH and Pioneer Ads
2. Intro & Welcome To My nightmare
3. Years Ago Intro
4. No More Mr. Nice Guy
5. Years Ago Intro
6. Billion Dollar Babies
7. Pioneer Ads
8. Years Ago Intro
9. I'm Eighteen
10. Stevens Intro
11. Welcome To My Nightmare reprise
12. Some Folks
13. Cold Ethyl
14. Pioneer Ads

Disc 2:
1. Only Women Bleed
2. Devil's Food
3. The Black Widow
4. Pioneer Ads
5. Steven
6. Welcome To My Nightmare reprise part2
7. Escape
8. Pioneer Ads
9. School's Out
10. Encore
11. Department Of Youth
12. Pioneer Ads
13. Pioneer Ads
14. KBFH end

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jimi Hendrix - 51st Anniversary - The Story Of Life (8 CD s)

Jimi Hendrix - 51st Anniversary - The Story Of Life (8 CD s)

This is an Italian Bootleg. Very hard to find! Includes full artwork.
Rare material. Sound quality is very good.

CD 1:
01 - Collage (songs & interviews)
02 - Hey Joe
03 - Jimi Interview
04 - How Would You Feel
05 - Love Or Confusion
06 - Sgt Peppers Lonlely Heart Club Ban
07 - All Along The Watchtower
08 - Little Wing 3
09 - Electric Church Red House
10 - Spanish Castle Magic
11 - Hear My Train A Comin
12 - Rock N Roll Band
13 - Stepping Stone (Band of Gypsies)
14 - Gloria
15 - My Dairy
16 - Utee
17 - The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
18 - Little Miss Lover
19 - Foxy Lady
20 - Catfish Blues
21 - Slow Walkin Talk

CD 2:
01 - Traffic Jam
02 - Hey Baby Jam
03 - Jazz Jam
04 - Moonlight Jam
05 - Studio Catastrophe
06 - Valley Of Neptune (Take 2)
07 - Rainy Day Super Jam
08 - Nervous Breakdown
09 - Captain Coconut And Cherokee Mist Jam MLK
10 - Crash Landing

CD 3:
01 - Lover Man
02 - Voodoo Chile
03 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
04 - Red House
05 - Angel
06 - 1983
07 - First Jam

CD 4:
01 - 7 Dollars In My Pocket
02 - Devil Jam (Winter Jam)
03 - Lover Man
04 - Midnight Lightning I
05 - Further On Up The Road
06 - The Things I Used To Do
07 - One I Had A Woman
08 - Machine Gun
09 - Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You
10 - Country Blues
11 - Stop

CD 5:
01 - Midnight Lightning
02 - Lower Alcatraz
03 - There Goes Easy Rider and 7 Dollars In My Pocket
04 - Heavy Rider Jam (Ezy Rider Jam)
05 - Easy Blues
06 - Gypsy Boy
07 - Peace In Mississippi
08 - Bluesiana Jam (BB King Slow Instrumental Jam)

CD 6:
01 - Two Guitar Jam (Electric Ladyland Oouttakes)
02 - San Francisco Bay Blues Jam (Electric Ladyland Outtakes)
03 - Gypsy Eyes (Unrel Studio Outtake)
04 - Cherokee Mist (Unrel Live Studio Jam NY 68)
05 - The Street Thing (Unrel Studio Outtake)
06 - In From The Storm (Unrel Studio Outtake)
07 - Freedom (Unrel Studio Outtake)
08 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow II (Unrel Studio Outtake)
09 - Belly Button Window (Unrel Instrumental Studio Outtake)
10 - Captain Coconut and Cherokee Mist (Unrel Studio Outtake)
11 - Rider Blues (Unrel Studio Outtake)
12 - Electric Ladyland Theme (Unrel Instrument Studio Outtake)
13 - Jazzy Jamming (Southern Saturn Delta) (Unrel Studio Jam)

CD 7:
01 - She s So Fine
02 - Axis Bold As Love
03 - Exp
04 - Up From The Skies
05 - Love Jam (Jazz Jimi Jam)
06 - Electric Ladyland Jam
07 - Pass It On
08 - Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
09 - Stone Free
10 - Hey Joe
11 - Freedom
12 - Red House
13 - Ezy Rider
14 - New Rising Sun Theme (Instrumental)

CD 8:
01 - Fire
02 - Getting My Heart Back Together Again
03 - Spanish Castle Magic
04 - Purple Haze
05 - Tax Free
06 - Message To Love
07 - Red House
08 - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
09 - Machine Gun
10 - Hey Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun)

Frank Zappa - A Snail In My Nose

Frank Zappa - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Volman - Vocals
Howard Kaylan - Vocals
Ian Underwood - Winds, Keyboards, Vocals
Aynsley Dunbar - Drums
Jeff Simmons - Bass, Vocal
George Duke - Keyboard, Vocal
Don Preston - Mini Moog

Part 1 - I. Intro, II. Uncle Meat, III. Interlude, IV. Sharleena
Part 2 - I. The ZZanzini Bro. II. What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning
III. What Kind Of Girls Do You Think We Are IV. Bwana Dick
V. Latex Solar Beef VI. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
Part 3 - I. Little House I Used To Live In, II. Would You Like A Snack,
III. Holiday In Berlin, IV. Crusing For Burgers

Friday, September 25, 2009

Miles Davis - Belgrade, Serbia (November 3, 1973)

  1. Turnaroundphrase
  2. Tune in 5
  3. Turnaroundphrase
  4. Calypso Frelimo
  5. Tune in 5

Sunday, September 20, 2009

MILES DAVIS - Live at Jazz Workshop, Boston, October 17, 1973

1. Ife
2. Agharta Prelude
3. Zimbabwe

Miles Davis (tpt, org)
Dave Liebman (ss, ts, fl)
Pete Cosey (g, perc)
Reggie Lucas (g)
Michael Henderson (b)
Al Foster (d)
James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soft Machine - Live at Le Bataclan, Paris, June 25, 1969

Mike Ratledge – Lowery Organ, Piano
Hugh Hopper – Bass
Robert Wyatt – Drums, Vocals

1. Drum intro (0:15)
2. Moon In June (intro) (0:42)
3. Facelift (5:27)
4. Moon In June (proper) (13:57)
5. Clarence In Wonderland (2:58)
6. Mousetrap (6:49)
7. Noisette ( 0:34)
8. Backwards (2:27)
9. Mousetrap reprise (0:40)
10. Hibou Anemone and Bear (4:42)
11. Improv (2:42)
12. Esther's Nosejob (14:49)
Audience tape

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bonzo Dog Band - Urban Spacemen Do Exist !!

01 We Are Normal
02 My Pink Half of the Drainpipe
03 Humanoid Boogie
04 Rhinocratic Oaths
05 Vivian Shnorbarstein Speaks
06 Rhinocratic Oaths pt 2
07 A Lost Cause
08 Hello Mabel
09 Look At Me, I'm Wondeful
10 Canyons Of Your Mind (upgrade from BBC SESSIONS)
11 I'm The Urban Spaceman
12 Yarn To A Human Carpet Rhinocratic Oaths
13 Mr Apollo
14 The Intro and the Outro

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paul McCartney - 2007-06-27 - Los Angeles, California

Paul McCartney
Secret Show
Amoeba Records
Los Angeles CA
Wednesday 27th June 2007

(Radio Broadcast)

01.Drive My Car.
02.Only Mama Knows.
03.Dance Tonight.
04.C Moon.
05.That Was Me.
07.Here Today.
08.Back In The USSR.
09.Nod Your Head.
10.House Of Wax.
11.Get Back.
12.Hey Jude.
13.Lady Madonna.
14.I Saw Her Standing There.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pink Floyd - Fat Old Gigs (Box Set)

Disc: 1
1. Green is the colour
2. Careful with that axe, eugene
3. Set the controls for the heart of the sun
4. A saucerful of secrets
5. Interstellar overdrive
Fillmore West 29 April 1970; San Francisco, CA
First show

Disc: 2
1. Grantchester meadows
2. Astronomy dominé
3. Cymbaline
4. Atom heart mother
5. Embryo
Fillmore West 29 April 1970; San Francisco, CA
Second show

Disc: 3
1. Astronomy dominé
2. Cymbaline
3. A saucerful of secrets
4. Interstellar overdrive
5. Fat old sun
Electric Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sept. 26, 1970
First show of Autumn 1970 US tour

Disc: 4
1. Green is the colour
2. Careful with tat axe, eugene
3. Set the controls for the heart of the sun
4. The violent sequence
5. Alan's psychedelic breakfast
Electric Factory, Philadlephia, Pennsylvania Sept. 26, 1970,
First show of Autumn 1970 US tour
Town Hall, Birmingham, england, Feb. 11, 1970
City Hall, Sheffield, England, Dec. 22, 1970

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Beatles - White Album - Mono Mix - 1968 (Purple Chick Deluxe Edition)

The Beatles
The Beatles (White Album) - Deluxe Edition
Purple Chick

DISC ONE - mono

1: Hey Jude
2: Revolution

The Beatles - record 1
3: Back In The U.S.S.R.
4: Dear Prudence
5: Glass Onion
6: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
7: Wild Honey Pie
8: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
9: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
10: Happiness Is A Warm Gun
11: Martha My Dear
12: I'm So Tired
13: Blackbird
14: Piggies
15: Rocky Raccoon
16: Don't Pass Me By
17: Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
18: I Will
19: Julia

20: Not Guilty
21: What's The New Mary Jane
22: Sour Milk Sea (outfake)

DISC TWO - mono

The Beatles - record 2
1: Birthday
2: Yer Blues
3: Mother Nature's Son
4: Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
5: Sexy Sadie
6: Helter Skelter
7: Long, Long, Long
8: Revolution 1
9: Honey Pie
10: Savoy Truffle
11: Cry Baby Cry
12: Revolution 9
13: Good Night

14: While My Guitar Gently Weeps (demo)

15 - Don't Pass Me By (Mono Original Speed)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frank Zappa - Trick Or Treat

Nice collection of early Zappa singles and live material. Part of the concert was officially released (with some edits) on Ahead of Their Time
This LP was put out by NTB Nifty, Tough & Bitchen Records, who used the Bizarre logo.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Rolling Stones - Itchy Fingers

a two disc set of outtakes from the stones’ sticky fingers

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Who - Complete UK & US Singles

The Who - Complete UK & US Singles
"I Can't Explain" / "Bald Headed Woman" · "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" / "Daddy Rolling Stone" · "My Generation" / "Shout and Shimmy"
1966: "Substitute" / "Circles" · "A Legal Matter" / "Instant Party" · "The Kids Are Alright" / "The Ox" · "I'm a Boy" / "In the City" · "La-La-La-Lies" / "The Good's Gone" · "Happy Jack" / "I've Been Away"
"Pictures of Lily" / "Doctor, Doctor" · "The Last Time" / "Under My Thumb" · "I Can See for Miles" / "Someone's Coming"
"Dogs" / "Call Me Lightning" · "Magic Bus" / "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
"Pinball Wizard" / "Dogs Part Two" / "The Seeker" / "Here For More" · "Summertime Blues" / "Heaven and Hell" / "I Don't Even Know Myself" · "Let's See Action" / "When I was a Boy" · ": "Join Together" / "Baby Don't You Do It" · "The Relay" / "Wasp Man"
1973: "5:15" / "Water"
"I'm A Boy (long version)" / "Magic Bus (long version)"
/ "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (version)"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Beatles - Telecasts

The Beatles - Telecasts

01 - A Taste Of Honey Aug 27,1963 - The Mersey Sound
02 - Twist & Shout
03 - She Loves You Oct 13,1963 - Sunday Night At The London Palladium
04 - Intro
05 - From Me To You
06 - I'll Get You
07 - She Love You
08 - Twist & Shout
09 - Outro Oct 30,1963 - Drop In
10 - Intro
11 - She Loves You
12 - Twist & Shout
13 - I Saw her Standing There
14 - Long Tall sally
15 - Drop In Nov 04,1963 - The Royal Variety Performance
16 - From Me To You
17 - She Loves You
18 - Till There Was You
19 - Twist & Shout
20 - Outro Dec 12,1963 - The Morecombe & Wise Show
21 - This Boy
22 - All My Loving
23 - I Want To Hold Your Hand
24 - Chat
25 - On Moonlight Bay
26 - Outro Jan 12,1964 - Sunday Night At The London Palladium
27 - I Want To Hold Your Hand
28 - This Boy
29 - All My Loving
30 - Audience partipation
31 - Money (That's What I Want)
32 - Twist & Shout Feb 09,1964 - The Ed Sullivan Show (a)
33 - Intro
34 - Twist & Shout
35 - Please, Please Me
36 - I Want To Hold Your Hand


01 - Intro
02 - All My Loving
03 - Till There Was You
04 - She Loves You
05 - Outro/Intro
06 - I Saw Her Standing There
07 - I Want To Hold Your Hand
08 - Outro Feb 16,1964 - The Ed Sullivan Show (a)
09 - She Loves You
10 - This Boy
11 - All My Loving
12 - Intro
13 - I Saw her Standing There
14 - From Me To You
15 - I Want To Hold Your Hand Feb 16,1964 - The Ed Sullivan Show
16 - Intro
17 - She Loves You
18 - This Boy
19 - All My Loving
20 - Intro
21 - I Saw Her Standing There
22 - From Me to You
23 - I Want To Hold Your Hand Feb 23,1964 - Big Night Out
24 - Skit # 1
25 - Skit # 2
26 - Skit # 3 Apr 19, 1964 - Around The Beatles
27 - Twist & Shout
28 - Roll Over Betthoven
29 - I Wanna Be Your Man
30 - Long Tall Sally
31 - Boys
32 - Medley
33 - Can't Buy Me Love
34 - Shout


01 - A Midsummer Night'd Dream-
02 - Interview
03 - She Loves Me
04 - All My Loving
05 - Twist & Shout
06 - Roll Over Beethoven
07 - Long Tall Sally
08 - Can't Buy Me Love
09 - Credits/ She Loves You Jul 19,1964 - Blackpool Night Out
10 - If I Fell Oct 03,1964 - Shindig
11 - Kansas City/ Hey, Hey, Hey (undubbed)
12 - Intro
13 - I'm A Loser
14 - Boys Nov 20,1964 - Not Only, But Also
15 - Deaf Ted Danoota (And Me)
16 - About The Awful
17 - All Abord Speeching
18 - Good Dog Nigel
19 - Unhappy Frank
20 - The Wreatling Dog
21 - Outro Apr 28,1965 - The Best On Record
22 - It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary Aug 01,1965 - Blackpool Night Out
23 - I Feel Fine
24 - I'm Down
25 - Act Naturally
26 - Ticket To Ride
27 - Yesterday
28 - Help!
29 - Outro


01 - Intro
02 - I Feel Fine
03 - I'm Down
04 - Act naturally
05 - Outro/Intro
06 - Ticket To Ride
07 - Yesterday
08 - Help!
09 - Outro May 19,1966 - The Ed Sulivan Show
10 - Intro Film Clip Jun 25,1967 - Our World
11 - Intro/ All You Need Is Love, Take ?
12 - All You Need Is Love, Take 58 Feb 06,1968 - Cilla (b)
13 - Skit
14 - Skit/ Nellie Dean
15 - do You Like Me? Sep 04,1968 - Frost On sunday
16 - By George! It's The David Frost Theme
17 - By George! It's The David Frost Theme Nov 15,1968 -
18 - George Cameo Dec 10,1968 - The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus
19 - John, Jullian & Mick
20 - John & Mick
21 - Circus Jam
22 - Yer Blues, Take One
23 - Yer Blues, Take ?
24 - Yer Blues, Take ?
25 - Yer Blues, Released Take
26 - Whole lotta yoko, Released Take Feb 01,1969 - The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus
27 - John Intro Dec 12,1969 - With A Little help From My Friends
28 - Octopus's Garden


01 - Intro
02 - She Loves You
03 - You Can't Do That
04 - Twist & Shout
05 - Long Tall Sally
06 - Can't Buy Me Love
07 - Intro
08 - I Feel fine
09 - She's A Woman
10 - Baby's In Black
11 - Ticket To Ride
12 - Long Tall Sally 13 - Outro

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grateful Dead - A Night at the Family Dog

Grateful Dead 2/4/1970
Family Dog At the Great Highway - San Francisco, CA

1 Hard To Handle (Redding, Jones, Isbell) 6:44
2 Black Peter (Garcia, Hunter) 9:33
3 Me and My Uncle (Phillips) 3:29
4 China Cat Sunflower > (Garcia, Hunter) 5:05
5 I Know You Rider (Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead) 4:53
6 St. Stephen > (Garcia, Lesh, Hunter) 2:19
7 Not Fade Away > (Petty, Hardin) 6:59
8 St. Stephen > (Garcia, Lesh, Hunter) 2:23
9 In The Midnight Hour (Pickett, Cropper) 8:16
Bonus Tracks
from 10/5/70 Winterland
10 Dancing In The Streets (Stevenson, Gaye, I. Hunter) 12:14
from 12/31/70 Winterland:
11 Monkey and the Engineer (Fuller) 2:46
12 Good Lovin' > (Resnick, Clark) 15:08

Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia: Lead Guitar, vocals
Mickey Hart: Drums
Bill Kreutzmann: Drums
Phil Lesh: Electric bass, vocals
Ron "Pig Pen" McKernan: Organ, harmonica, vocals
Bob Weir: Rhythm Guitar, vocals

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jimi Hendrix - Newport '69

Jam Session Newport '69, San Fernando Valley State College

1. Earth vs Space (includes parts of Gypsy Eyes,Keep on Groovin',Red House, Machine Gun)
2. The Things I Used To Do
3. Jam (includes Train Kept A Rollin'-Power Of Soul-Earth Blues-Hear My Train A Comin'-Voodoo Chile (slight return)-Fast Jam (includes Sunshine Of Your Love-Come On (part 1)-Star Spangled Banner)
4. We Gotta Live Together-Feel So Good

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Janis Joplin - August 8, 1970

1. "Check" 00:16
2. Tell Mama 06:44
3. Half Moon 06:09
4. Mercedez Benz* "Acapulco" 2:11
5. Mercedes Benz 1:54
6. My Baby 07:57
7. Kozmic Blues 05:06
8. Maybe 05:09
9. Instrumental 06:18
10. ??? 07:05
11. Move Over 05:02
12. Piece of My Heart 04:37

Janis Joplin- vocals
Brad Campbell- bass
John Till- guitar
Richard Bell- piano
Ken Pearson- organ
Clark Pierson- drums

Total running time (58:35)
* Janis mentions writing "Mercedez Benz" in the bar on the corner, right before the show.
This is Janis' last performance in New York and third to last performance, ever.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Crosby Stills Nash & Young
Richmond, VA
Unknown Venue

source : msr>?>cd

1. Pre-Road Downs
2. Long Time Gone
3. Bluebird Revisited
4. Sea of Madness one & Two
5. Wooden Ships
6. Down By The River

I have very little info on this show or source. This has been liberated from a bootleg cd from Italy. Very nice sound and good versions of songs. Enjoy!

The Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane Saturday, August 5, 1967

"Bill Graham Presents the San Francisco Scene in Toronto"
O'Keefe Centre, Toronto ONT, Canada

1. Turn On Your Lovelight
2. Alligator

3. The Other Side Of This Life
4. Get Together
5. Let Me In
6. Today
7. Jorma's Bangs
8. Go To Her
9. My Best Friend
10. Instrumental Jam
11. 3/5 of a Mile In 10 Seconds
12. Fat Angel
13. Somebody To Love

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Led Zeppelin - Studio Sessions (11CD'S)

Studio Sessions 11CD Set
This is the most complete compilation of Zep's studio works ever produced.

Jimi Hendrix - Randall's Island 1970

Jimi Hendrix
Randall's Island 1970
Live at the New York Pop Festival, Downing Stadium, Randall's Island, New York, July 17, 1970.

While the track Red House has been officially released (for example, on MCA's Voodoo Child compilation in 2001), fans have been trading among themselves various versions of Jimi Hendrix at the New York Pop Festival at Randall's Island in 1970.

Here is one version. While tracks 1 to 11 are taken from the soundboard, tracks 12 to 15 come from an audience source (Larry Yelen Tape).

Track 01 Stone Free
Track 02 Fire
Red House (officially released)
Track 04 Message To Love
Track 05 Lover Man
Track 06 All Along The Watchtower
Track 07 Foxey Lady
Track 08 Ezy Ryder
Track 09 The Star Spangled Banner
Track 10 Purple Haze
Track 11 Voodoo Child [Slight Return]
"Third Source"
Track 12 Stone Free
Track 13 Fire
Track 14 Red House
Track 15 Message To Love

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Yardbirds - 1967-07-22 Santa Monica

The Yardbirds
Santa Monica

This is an audience recording. By modern standards it is terrible but keep in mind it's almost 40 years old. The main problem is the vocals are very low in the mix and distorted. Jimmy Page comes through loud and clear, and the rhythm section is mostly audible.

01. Train Kept a-Rollin' (end only)
02. Mr. You're a Better Man Than I
03. Heart Full of Soul
04. I Wish You Would/Hey Gyp
05. My Baby
06. Most Likely You'll Go Your Way
07. Smile on Me
08. I'm a Man
09. Over Under Sideways Down

Friday, July 31, 2009

Chicago Transit Authority @ Fillmore West 08.17.1969 (Late Show)

Chicago begins with "Introduction," the pile-driving Terry Kath composition that opened their debut album. Not surprisingly, this song features powerhouse guitar playing from Kath and this raw, highly energetic blues-oriented number fuses elements of blues, jazz, and rock into a style uniquely their own.

Tight, perfectly executed renditions of Lamm's "Listen" and a new Kath composition, "The Road", follow. By this point, the band is fully fired up and they dive into an incendiary performance of the Spencer Davis Group hit, "I'm A Man." The only cover song featured on their debut album, this features all three lead singers (Lamm, Kath, and Cetera) taking a turn on the vocals and Kath absolutely blazing on guitar. Although Chicago's version of this song features lyrics as they misunderstood them, rather than the actual words Jimmy Miller and Stevie Winwood originally wrote, their version of the song blows away the fine original, particularly from an instrumental standpoint. It's no wonder that their arrangement, minus the percussion interlude within, became yet another hit for the band.

The set continues with "South California Purples", another pile-driving guitar tour de force for Kath that utilizes long in and out fades of the horn section, sailing over a bluesy bottom created by the tight rhythm section of Cetera and Seraphine. "Beginnings," a near perfect blend of pop and jazz, with a gradually emerging Latin beat comes next. This features an infectious lead vocal by Lamm, plenty of seventh chords and outstanding solos from Pankow on trombone and Loughnane on trumpet. It's no wonder that this song became yet another belated hit the following year.

Rapidly reaching the end of time constraints, the band acknowledges the staff at the Fillmore West by thanking them for their hospitality and informs the audience they have time for one more song. They close the run with the highly adventurous Pankow composition, "Liberation." Originally recorded live in the studio with no overdubs during the first album sessions, this magnum opus version is even longer and much more exciting. Taken in context of the times, this is quite experimental and covers a lot of territory. It begins in a style reflective of the Stax/Volt era, with punchy horn charts and a get-up-and-dance feel to it. Within a minute or two, it soars off into a powerful jam with Terry Kath absolutely blazing. The musicians are performing at an incredible level here. For the rest of this 17-minute blowout, Kath doesn't let up for a second and the band propels him into the stratosphere. This seriously heavy jam gradually increases in tempo and eventually gets so intense that it explodes into a wall of feedback-laden dissonance, not unlike the spontaneous feedback compositions that closed many a Grateful Dead show during this era. But even out of this wall of noise, they keep going. Following the breather they took during Kath's guitar pyrotechnics, the horns join back in. They approach the situation harmolodicly (a musical theory developed by the legendary Ornette Coleman) and the band ventures into free-jazz territory. This eventually morphs into a lovely little sequence where Kath sings "God Bless You and Goodnight" before they begin an eloquent transition back into the opening theme. The tape stock literally runs out on the final note, capturing all but the final few seconds of this monumentally exciting performance.

Chicago was certainly a product of the times. Their early music was often message oriented and political, but the experimental nature of their approach and the great diversity among their early material made them different. Although it may seem hard to believe in light of where they ended up going in the decades to follow, they were actually groundbreaking in 1969 and even the word "revolutionary" applied at the time.

Few debut albums of the era contained original music of such a consistently high caliber and the fact that theirs was a double album stands as a testament to their undeniable creativity. These Fillmore West sets make it perfectly clear that their early success was no result of studio enhancements or gimmicks. This was a live band that was more than capable of backing up the promise of that debut album onstage.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mahavishnu Orchestra ~ Franklin Pierce College (02.24.1973)

"Inner Mountain"
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Franklin Pierce College (Rindge, NH)

Tracks: 4 / Total Time: 51:55

Billy Cobham - drums
Jerry Goodman - violin
Jan Hammer - keyboards
Rick Laird - bass
John McLaughlin - guitar

The initial classic lineup of the Mahavishnu Orchestra lasted less than three years and only released two studio albums and one live recording during this era, but these recordings had a profound effect, redefining the jazz/rock fusion movement. Combining the improvisational elements of jazz with the volume and energy of rock music, the group created music that was often intricate and complex, performed by musicians whose virtuosity thrilled audiences, musicians, and critics alike.

By early 1973, the Mahavishnu Orchestra had firmly established their reputation and with little over a year of live performances behind them, they had become one of the most exciting bands on the planet. This partial February 1973 performance captures the group following the release of Birds of Fire and several months before they recorded the live album, Between Nothingness and Eternity. Recorded at Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire, this is yet another stellar example of the band's blazing energy and fluid virtuosity. Now an established headliner, the Mahavishnu Orchestra had more time onstage and they seized that opportunity to explore in greater depth. This set captures the group as they were diversifying the onstage repertoire and extending their improvisational approach.

The performance begins with the pairing of the Inner Mounting Flame's leadoff track, "Meeting Of The Spirits," with "Open Country Joy" from Birds Of Fire. While both remain aligned with the album arrangements, here they feature extended solos, often explosive and pummeling in their ferocity. Open Country Joy," a strutting, gradually intensifying urban blues is perhaps the least complex composition the classic lineup ever played, vacillating between a laidback county feel and frenzied rocking power.

Although brief, "Hope" unfolds in an elegant, magisterial way, before Cobham suddenly blasts off into "Awakening." This too has moments of frightening intensity and the telepathy between these musicians is functioning at an astounding level. Hammer takes an impressive solo here, simultaneously playing bluesy Fender Rhodes with gurgling mini-moog embellishments. It eventually becomes a duel between McLaughlin and Cobham, and this is unison playing at its most astonishing. McLaughlin doesn't let up for a second, interjecting an endless barrage of ideas, while Cobham often does more with a hi-hat and snare drum than most drummers are capable of with an entire kit.

The recording concludes with McLaughlin's tribute to Miles Davis, "Miles Beyond," with the group again displaying breathtaking improvisational abilities within a funkier context. Dominated by Hammer, who offers a barrage of demented sounds from his keyboards, this also features Jerry Goodman propelling the basic groove with McLaughlin, Laird, and Cobham providing rhythmic punctuations and accents.

Every concert from this era of Mahavishnu Orchestra is astonishing to some degree and this is no exception, featuring the original lineup at the pinnacle of their powers.

* 1. Meeting of the Spirits 12:02 + <>
* 2. Open Country Joy 8:57 + <>
* 3. Hope / Awakening 19:42 + <>
* 4. Miles Beyond 11:14 + <>

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tower of Power Fillmore West San Francisco, CA (7/4/71)

If you are a fan of "East Bay Grease" & "Bump City" TOP, you will love this. Loose,live & blusey versions in good sound.

Monday, July 20, 2009


For over 40 years, Tower of Power has been creating their own kind of soul music. Since 1968, Tower of Power has delivered their unique brand of music to their fans, appearing before sold out crowds as they tour the world each year. Tower’s sound can be hard to categorize, but the band's leader and founding member, Emilio Castillo, has labeled their sound as "Urban Soul Music."

Tower's rhythm section lays down a groove like no other band. The band's horn driven sound is unique, and the way they approach everything, from writing and arranging to mixing and performing, is totally their own. Combine all of that with an outstanding lead vocalist and you have one of the most dynamic groups of musicians to ever hit the stage.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Live Experience

Pandemonium - Live at Plumpton Festival, August 9th, 1969
21st Century Schizoid Man
Get Thy Bearings
Devil's Triangle
Crimson Blues
In The Court Of The Crimson King

Robert Fripp - Guitar, Keyboards
Michael Giles - Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Greg Lake - Bass, Vocals
Ian McDonald - Flute, Reeds, Keyboards, Vocals, Mellotron

Lament - Concertbouw, Amsterdam, Holland, November 23rd, 1973
Easy Money
Book Of Saturday
Medley: Mincer / The Talking Drum / Lark's Tongues In Aspic Extract

Robert Fripp - Guitar
David Cross - Violin, Flute, Mellotron
Jamie Muir - Percussion
Bill Bruford - Drums
John Wetton - Bass, Vocals

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cafe Campus, Ste. Foix, Canada 8/15/79 (Frippertronics)

Robert Fripp - Frippetronics - 1979-08-15 Cafe Campus, Ste Foix, Canada. ...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Allan Holdsworth - 1982-04-29 - Hollywood

Allan Holdsworth
The Roxy
West Hollywod

01 Where Is One
02 Water On The Brain
03 The Things You See
04 White Line
05 Prayer
06 Letters Of Marque
07 Out From Under
08 Drifting Into The Attack
09 Checking Out
10 Was There ?
11 Hells Bells (featuring Eddie Van Halen and Jeff Berlin)

Allan Holdsworth - guitar
Paul Williams - vocals
Paul Carmichael - bass
Gary Husband - drums and piano

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jeff Beck Nagoya 1975


5th August,1975

My Silver > EAC > WAV > FLACfrontend > FLAC(8)

Title: Definition Of Blow(World Rock Festival) Wardour-038
Quality: Vg Aud

Jeff Beck(g)
Wilber Bascomb(b)
Bernard Purdie(dr)
Max Middleton(key)

2.Constipated Duck
3.She's A Woman
4.Freeway Jam
5.Definitely Maybe
7.Aie Blower
8.Keyboard Solo
9.'Cause We've Ended As Lovers
11.Got The Feeling
13.You Know What I Mean

Friday, July 10, 2009

Frank Zappa - Bridges Auditorium 75

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Denny Walley, George Duke, Tom Fowler, Terry Bozzio and Napoleon Murphy Brock

1. A Token of My Extreme
2. Stinkfoot
3. Sleeping in a Jar
4. Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead

5. Debra Kadabra [listed as "Abra Kadabra"]
6. Florentine Pogen [listed as "Chester's Gorilla"]
7. Why Doesn't Someone Get Him a Pepsi? ["The Torture Never Stops", original version]

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Yardbirds ~ Fillmore '68

State CA.
TRACK 07 I'M A MAN 12:01

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Genesis - As though Emerald City

Side one:
1 Watcher of the Skies [7:57]
2 Lilywhite Lilith - The Wating Room - Anyway - It! [17:12]

Side two:
1 The Musical Box [11:38]
2 Happy the Man [2:54]
3 Twilight Ale House [7:50]

Format LP
Catalog TAKRL1945
Date 1975.1.24 *1972

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crash Landing (unreleased version)

n 1974 Alan Douglas was brought in by Warner Brothers to try to salvage some sort of product from the hundreds of remaining hours of studio material. Douglas' controversial approach to the task, wiping the original backing tracks and reformatting the songs using session musicians with Jimi's original guitar and vocals continues to provoke outcry from the diehard fans and critics alike. It has been admitted though, the album "Crash Landing" was a commercial success but the final result was not what the fans want. Now you can hear the original tracks and mix from the material that was used for the project Crash Landing