Sunday, February 14, 2010

MAGMA Radio Broadcasts (1972)

Radio Broadcasts 1972

Lineage: FM > reel-to-reel > cass ? > CDR > MP3

1. Mekanik Kommandoh (13/03/72, ORT, Paris, France) FM exc 5:49
2. Mekanik Kommandoh (6/72, France Inter, Paris, France) FM vg- 10:32

Two different recordings of the embryonic Mekanik version from the 1972 line-up. Very good sdb

Line-Up for both dates probably as follows:

Christian Vander - Drums
Francis Moze - Bass
Teddy Lasry - Clarinet
Franois Cahen - Keyboards
Claude Engel - Guitar
Klaus Blasquiz - Vocals
Jeff 'Yochko' Seffer - Saxophone

these fuckin' guys are heavy....i don't know what the fuck they're on about, but they seem really fuckin' serious about it...maybe they should just chill cuz... it's all good!!


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