Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Doors - Television Bleeding

The Doors

"Television Bleeding"

Tracks 1-7 are alternate studio mixes, done by Paul Rothchild
during the prosuction of "The Best of the Doors" Quadrodisc.
Tracks 8-11 recorded live for TV broadcast
("Beat Club", Bremen, Germany) on May 3, 1972.

01. Hello I Love You (no drums, no second vocal overdub) - 2:18
02. People Are Strange (no drums, no guitar solo, no second vocal overdub) - 2:04
03. Love Her Madly (no reverb, no drums, no echo on voice) - 3:09
04. Love Me Two Times (no tambourine, no guitars) - 3:08
05. Riders On The Storm (no second vocal overdub, no echo, no drums) - 6:13
06. Touch Me (no drums) - 3:03
07. Soul Kitchen (different bass sound) - 3:22

08. Tightrope Ride - 4:08
09. In The Eye Of The Sun - 5:06
10. I'm Horny, I'm Stoned - 4:57
11. Love Me Two Times - 4:49
12. Verdilac - 6:17
13. Ships w/ Sails (false start) - 1:15
14. Ships w/ Sails - 9:46

"Snakeskin Records is a new firm producing Live CDs.
Their trademark is their high quality of both recording
and cover. Their latest CD is this new Doors disc. On it
you find different rough studio mixes in perfect stereo,
which had been done for the rare Doors Quadro vinyl
album The Best Of The Doors. I find it very interesting
to listen to these, sometimes you have the feeling of
listening to totally new recordings. But they are absolutely
the same as on the albums but in different mixes. Anyway,
have you ever heard Riders On The Storm without the
whispering and without drums? And People Are Strange
without drums and guitar solo? Both open whole new categories
of listening experiences. All songs with Morrison are
in excellent stereo. You won't believe your ears!
The second recording is one of the rare 1972 studio performances.
The Doors are having a lot of fun in the studio,
which makes a great listening. They play their standard
material of their 1972 tour through Western Europe.
This concert is presented in good mono; studio noises
between the songs have unfortunately been cut.
See the cover - a beautiful rare Morrison photo.
In general - a CD featuring totally new and unpublished
material with a superb cover sheet (yes, yes, the
beautiful rare photo of Jim, all girls will love this!).


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