Monday, April 18, 2011

Pink Floyd Rare Live Tracks 1969-1973 (3 CDs)

This is a 3 CD boxset, with complete artwork, and an 8-page booklet with full details for each track, which are summarized below :


1. Hollywood
2. Cymbaline
Music from the film More, recorded March 1969. Unreleased and different versions than the soundtrack album. Quality 8/10

3. Moonhead
London, BBC studio 1969. Unreleased track used in a TV documentary on the night of the first moonlanding. This track is basically a bass riff, which was years later recycled in the middle instrumental bridge of Money. Quality 7/10

4. The violence sequence
5. The amazing pudding
Live in Paris, France, theatre de Champs Elysees, 23 Jan 1970. Quality 9/10

6. Main theme from More
7. Sysyphus
8. The violence suite (Heart beat, pig meat / Quicksilver / Moonhead / violence sequence)
Live in Birmingham, 11 Feb 1970. Historical performance, these songs were almost never performed live. Quality 5/10


1. Astronomy domine
Live St Raphael USA, 17 Oct 1970. The shortest (6 min) version of this song ever performed in 1970. Quality 7/10

2. Introduction : the massed gadget of Auximenes and the knights of the teutonic order
3. The labyrinths of Auximenes
4. Grooving with a pict
5. Embryo
Live Hamburg, Germany 14 Nov. 1970. Labyrinths (often mistitled Corrosion on many bootlegs) is a different version of Moonhead. Grooving is a unique performance, and Embryo features an extra experimental jam. Quality 7/10

6. Allan's psychedelic breakfast
Live in Sheffield, England, 22 Dec. 1970. This track was performed live only 5 times in Floyd's history. Quality 7/10

7. Blues in the wind
Live in London, Hyde Park, 18 July 1970. Rare short blues played as an introduction to Embryo. Quality 5/10

8. Embryo
Live in New York, USA, 5 Nov. 1971. Very long (17 min) and unusual bluesy version, as opposed to the "psychedelic" (as I would call it) standard version. A complete reworking of the song. Quality 6/10


1. The labyrinths of Auximenes
Live in Gothenburg, Sweden, 11 Nov. 1970. Labyrinths is anther version of Moonhead. This performance was often mistitled "Librest Spacement Monitor" (!?). Quality 7/10

2. Embryo
Live in Cincinnati, USA, 20 Nov. 1971. This is the longest version of this song ever performed (27 min !). Maybe because of technical problem ? The extended jam features parts reminiscent of Echoes. Quality 7/10

3. Childhood's end
Live in Zurich, Switzerland, 9 Dec. 1972. This song was only played sporadically in 1972. Quality 7/10

4. Obscured by clouds
5. When you're in
Live in London, England, 19 May 1973. Rare track played only at some 1973 shows. Quality 6/10

6. Obscured by clouds
7. When you're in
Live in London, England, 5 Nov. 1973. These versions are very different to the above performance some months earlier. "Obscured" is played here very very slow, and "When You're in" is very short. Quality 6/10


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get both parts...

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Thanks for all the details! And thank you for using Mediafire.

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ON a Floydian voyage of bootleg illumination.. CD3 offers up some (to me) previously unheard versions..
let's face it after Meddle they just went mainstream...I attended their DSOM Earls Court gigs which were the beginning of the end...
Thanks for these spectral sonic specimens

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An must have for Floydmaniacs!
Thank you VERY MUCH !!!!

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Thank you !

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Excellent compilation. Thanks for sharing it.