Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Led Zeppelin - 1969-04-27 The Devils Blues (SF Fillmore West)

Disc 1

01 - Good Evening 00:15
02 - Train Kept a Rollin' 03:00
03 - I Can't Quit You Baby 08:06
04 - As Long As I Have You (Medley) 18:25
05 - You Shook Me 10:01
06 - How Many More Times 22:57
07 - Communication Breakdown 05:32

Disc 2

08 - Killing Floor 08:59
09 - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 08:16
10 - White Summer-Black Mountain Side 09:51
11 - Sitting and Thinking 07:34
12 - Pat's Delight 16:03
13 - Dazed and Confused 11:22

This audio-only presentation comes from the remastered DVD release by Genuine Masters.


marram62 said...



Rick said...

It really pisses me off what plagiarists Zep were. "White Summer" is actually an old song "She Moves Through the Fair" and Page copies the original guitar arrangement by Davy Graham. "Black Mountain Side" is a folk tune and Page is ripping off Bert Jansch's guitar arrangement.

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Anonymous said...

Rick, you sound like a big cry baby!! These tracks were from 1969, yes that's right, NINETEEN SIXTY NINE!!!
Don't tell me a guitarist never copied or was influenced by someone else.
Words faail me really...

circusmoo said...

i rememeber this page-as-thief debate from the early 7ts in more fertile form when it was moderated by lester bangs in creem magazine. (at least as well moderated as his elp debate on the cruelty of being forced to think about keith emerson's keyboard playing by his editor.)

there are quite a number of songs that could be referred to. (the reason i suspect that bangs' boiling brain bubbled over on this purveyor of plagarism as opposed to participant in the unfolding of musical history.

dazed and confused? page in the 7ts said he never heard of jake holmes or his original of the same name.

my personaal preference was the yardbirds version. mainly because i prefer relf's singing over plant-ian yelping. (plays better harmonicsa too) music wise the yardbirds final take (last hurrah in the big apple) sounds just like the version carried over by the "new yardbirds".

fast forward to around 1990 and one of greg shaw's labels unearths an early version of the yardbird's taking on a fairly close rendering of a new song by this jake holmes fella...

anyway, the second link is no longer working.