Wednesday, December 16, 2009

George Harrison - Live - Long Beach 74

Harrison had his share of friends visit him throughout the tour, with Bob Dylan checking out both his afternoon and evening Los Angeles Forum shows, John Lennon and girlfriend May Pang catching one of the Nassau Coliseum show on Long Island, and Paul and Linda McCartney attending one of the New York City shows at Madison Square Garden. McCartney tried to disguise himself in afro wig and fake mustache, but was easily spotted by die-hard fans.
Beatlefan magazine reported that David Bowie visited Harrison backstage in Memphis, but that he and Harrison "didn't hit it off that well."
After the dates, Harrison was so turned off to performing that it was 17 years before he embarked on his next tour, a series of dates in Japan far away from the glaring Western media.
Mark Lapidos, who that same year founded what is now known as The Fest For Beatlefans, caught several of Harrison's 1974 New York shows and said that the press were too harsh on Harrison: "You know, after a while the headlines take over; Dark Hoarse, H-O-A-R-S-E, the Dark Hoarse Tour as it became known as. I don't think that the people were bothered by his voice. I noticed that it was a little bit off. My objection (laughs) was when he did 'In My Life'(and) he changed the words. I would have rathered him not to, but he was religious and that was his thing."
Harrison's widow, Olivia Harrison, who was with him for the duration of the '74 tour, says that although it's still on the backburner, she's planning some type major retrospective around the tour, including a reissue of the Dark Horse album, and a live CD and DVD: "There's a lot of footage and a lot of history
around that 1974 tour. You know George filmed quite a lot, so I think that it needs a little more time to sort that out. Because there's this great footage, you know he filmed backstage, he filmed in lots of cities, so many things happened on that tour, as well as a live album."

1. Hari's On Tour
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3. Something
4. Sue Me Sue You Blues
5. For You Blue
6. Give Me Love
7. In My Life
8. Maya Love
9. Nothing From Nothing(*)
10. My Sweet Lord
11. Interview 1
12. Interview 2
13. Interview 3
Nov 10 (Sun), Long Beach, California, Long Beach Arena

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