Monday, December 21, 2009

The Who- Tales from the Who (1974)

Tales from the Who
The Who

The Spectrum,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

1 I Can't Explain
2 Summertime Blues
3 My Generation
4 I Am the Sea/The Real Me
5 I'm One
6 Sea and Sand
7 Drowned
8 Bell Boy
9 Doctor Jimmy
10 Won't Get Fooled Again
11 Pinball Wizard
12 See Me, Feel Me


marram62 said...

Bill said...

thank you for these interesting Who and McCartney offerings.

cialis online said...

I do not hear about The Who since I was 20 years old, I think they were a spectacular rock band in England , I have one of their albums named "The Who Sell Out"22dd

Ester said...

link is dead, can someone plz re-upload :(