Monday, August 24, 2009

The Rolling Stones - Itchy Fingers

a two disc set of outtakes from the stones’ sticky fingers


marram62 said...

Anonymous said...

anymore of sticky fingers out to be worth hearing.
thanks, keep up the good work martian boots!

Anonymous said...

dead links - fuck off!

circusmoo said...

I HAVE ENJOYED: THE SYD, JAZZ AND SOFT MACHINERS plus plenty of etc from further back till i hit the wall.

every link from the 2nd L Z 69cd i tried (which includes all of 2009 seems to be dead (ie typical rapid-drop)).

i was interested in the soft machine, pink floyd (sun) and 8 x
hendrix at first look from the older posts.

i was trying to get to blog topped by d coffey but was refused entry for some reason.