Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frank Zappa - Trick Or Treat

Nice collection of early Zappa singles and live material. Part of the concert was officially released (with some edits) on Ahead of Their Time
This LP was put out by NTB Nifty, Tough & Bitchen Records, who used the Bizarre logo.


marram62 said...

marram62 said...

Side 1
Track 01 Why Don'tcha Do Me Right?
(listed as "Why Don't You Do Me Right") 2:41 Single
Verve VK 10513
April 10, 1967
Track 02 Big Leg Emma 2:30
Track 03 Lonely Little Girl 0:50 One half is album version, ending is from the mono single version (Verve VK 10570, November 20, 1967)
Track 04 Dog Breath 2:55 Single
Bizarre/Reprise 0840
September 1, 1969
Track 05 My Guitar (Wants To Kill Your Mama) 3:05
Track 06 Tears Began To Fall 2:45 Single
Straight/Reprise 1027
July 21, 1971
Side A is Fillmore East June 5-6, 1971, side B is Olympia Stadium, Detroit, May 25, 1971.
Track 07 Junier Mintz Boogie 3:00
Track 08 Bunk Gardner riff (not listed) Sax riff that originally appeared at the end of the Lonely Little Girl single.
Added by sax player Bunk Gardner after Zappa left the studio.
Side 2
Track 01 Uncle Meat (One Note At A Time) 4:00 Royal Festival Hall
25 October 1968
Track 02 Son Of Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask 2:05
Track 03 Oh, In The Sky
(listed as "In the Sky") 2:10
Track 04 The Big Medley 17:40
Track 04.1 Let's Make the Water Turn Black
Track 04.2 Harry, You're A Beast
Track 04.3 Oh No
Track 04.4 The Orange County Lumber Truck
Track 04.5 King Kong

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing such amazing music!!! Have you by chance a copy of Remington Electric Razor? Apparently very hard to find seem like the man who would know ;) Thanks again and love your blog!

Seaton'sLaughing said...

Had this on vinyl years ago...thanks for helping me regain my old collection!